donderdag 16 april 2015

Plague Drone problem.....solved! Plus some additional planning.

While checking for bits last night, I ran into a small problem.

I picked up the fans for 7 euros including shipping, but that store is sold out. I've already sent a message asking if they will sell more in the future. I don't have too many other options, only 1 bits trader has them (4.50 USD per set plus 10 dollars shipping) or as full kit anywhere from 7 to 14 dollars, shipping for 6-18 dollars from Russia or the US.

The bodies and leg bits are available (for now) and will set me back 20-22 euros with free shipping. Some US sources are a bit cheaper but shipping costs kill that dead, unless I can combine that with one that sells the fans too. I'll do the math on that tonight.

The dilemma is, do I buy the bodies and legs and convert them anway, waiting till I find a new source of fans? Do I halt the project and make only 1? Shall I attempt to make a greenstuff mould of one of the fans and see if I can make a GS copy of that (but if I do that, it is easier to sculpt on the nurgly bits first, and then make a mould of it. Or try anyway)

The latter being the cheapest option, if more troublesome, the other 2 more costly (20 dollars for just 4 fans is a big cut out of my budget, so I really hope my seller can get them back in stock so I only have to spend 11 euros for the 2 full kits, keeping the costs as low as possible.)

I long for the days when I had money and no time now :D


Just got an email from the seller of the Robogear Thunder, he forgot to pay attention to Ebay and his auctions ran out, but he has tons of the stuff in stock on Ebay again now. I checked and yes he does, so that problem is solved.

To curb myself, and my spending, I've decided to limit myself to 50 euros a month for the hobby, for an unlimited time starting now. My gf says it is 50 euros too much, but whatever I can sell will be added to the budget. There is no reason for me to spend the budget every month, it might even grow, but the max spending is now capped at 50, period. I hope to spend as little as possible and continue to trade stuff with others, thus keeping my spending in check. Having said that, I've just calculated that for May I have planned a spending of 70 euros, 1 of which is a trade for resale, 2 for running projects and one is just cause I like the models for my own collection. So either a few purchases will have to be moved to June, or I will need to sell stuff, to stay within the 50 limit.

Basically, the less I spend, the more I will have left for Crisis in November this year. Though I want to cap that at 200 euros cash in hand as well, and pre order as much as possible (for discounts).

For the rest I will make to have due with what I got, and sell more unwanted stuff to clear the room and create a budget for the wargames table Mini.

Plenty temptation on hand though. TSS just started a Not going to Salute 15% off sale which would be handy for some 15mm bits for conversions....but I still have a 10 Pound voucher for them so I can wait. Same goes for a loveley Kickstarter that is perfect for Inquisitor., Axiom's Colony 87

These are a set of excellent sculpts, I love every single one of them, they are perfect for Inquisitor. Just one problem. 35 Pounds for a set, 3 Pounds shipping. 38 Pounds, that's 53 euros of my money for 6 figures! Kickstart will run for a month, but I won't pledge as I simply cannot afford these right now, not while I have so many other figs lying around, waited to be painted for Inquisitor. I do want to purchase these in the future, maybe ask them for my birtday or something (fat chance for that mate!) as they will be released eventually, and seeing how succesful the first batch is sofar just a few days in, there are bound to be more sets.

That's it for today, now I'll pack my case with brushes and tools as I will be having a bit of hobby time in the new GW shop tomorrow. My first time out, hobby wise, for ages. I'm not taking any money with me though other then for a bite to eat and a drink.

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