zaterdag 30 mei 2015

Festina Lente

...or in English, hurry slowly.

Back in January 2013 I proclaimed it to be the year of Afghanistan, purchased a stack of insulation board and went to town building...well, buildings. I made 6 of them and gave them several coats of Gesso, and then Kim became pregnant and everything was put on hold. I was never happy with the Gesso coat, the detail was too fine for my liking, not coarse enough, so I bought a tub of cheap filler mid 2014 and then proceeded to do nothing....again.

Cue this week. There has been another incident (for lack of a better word, and let's leave it at that) and Kim is hospitalised and my world is upside down again. Kim is ok-ish but won't be released till monday. Since most of our family is on holiday, my sister in law kindly offered to take in the twins for the night so I could have a evening and morning to myself, for the first time in almost 2 years. So I dropped off the twins, came home and went up into my hobby room.

And what a mess it is! Stuff everywhere, lots of stuff that needs to be sold, but I won't do that now. So what to do? Well, the Lead Mountain challenge starts on monday, so why not get a bit of a headstart and start something old?

So, out comes the tub of filler, a bit of plasticcard and 5 of the 6 buildings. 1 hour later they are all roughly coated with filler that is now drying pretty fast.

I tried to smooth it out here and there with abit of water but it dried so quickly that it was a wasted effort. I'll just take a bit of fine sanding paper in an hour or so and sand down the rough edges but other then that they are finally ready for paint I think. The 6th building is more official so that smooth coat can stay and will be painted more concrete. As soon as I can find it!

I really thought I made his barely a year ago. Time really does fly.

also, I really need to make more of these buildings. The foamboard used per building costs cents to the euro and all of the doors and stuff is made from cereal packets, plus the occasional pinhead for doorhandles.

Bring it on!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Sounds like your wife's health is deteriorating, a second situation in such a short time.
    Good luck mate, I hope she will indeed be home this Monday and everything will get better soon.

    Your buildings look great by the way, I think the filler you used is giving a nice texture, very suitable for middle-eastern buildings.

    1. Yes, she's not very well I'm afraid, we'll see what the docs have to say on monday. I've made a new post with detailshots after another 60 grain sandpaperjob and added a 6th building here >