woensdag 27 mei 2015

Mini me

This is me at work.

I run around all day wearing what looks a lot like a labcoat (but is actually a ESD coat) and I'd like to copy that in another mini-me, in 20mm and 28mm. Gives me a fun excuse to paint something.

For 28mm I'm looking at these:
Pulp Figures by Bob Murch. He currently sells for 2,50 UK Pounds plus 4 Pounds shipping on Ebay

Hasslefree science dude. Sells for 3,20 UK Pounds plus VAT plus postage. He even has my clipboard that I use a lot.

Brigade Games German Scientist. Retails for 3.50 US Dollar plus shipping which wil be hefty.

I really like the Brigade Games one as he already has glasses, I will ask around if anyone has him in his stash. I just need to change the flask into a box cutter or a pistol (as I am proficient with both).

The other 2 are my second choice, and while the Hasslefree one looks better, Hasslefree will cost me more money as I have had the small asian leader in my sights for a statue for 2 years now, looking at 15 pounds or more expense. The Pulp figures one just needs removal of the moustache and then, at 6,50 UK Pounds including shipping, we have a winner.

20mm I will get back to you, sofar none really catch my eye.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I do have a zombie with a labcoat for 28mm and a few 15mm khurasan scientist models, but none of the ones you show above.

    1. No worries Wouter, I have made a few requests and I will see if anything turns up :)