vrijdag 26 juni 2015

Licence to crenellate

Thx to a Pulp Alley topic on the LAF > Pulp Alley AAR; Almost Stolen Goods I've been inspired to have a look at city walls and a Arab fort. Well, a Sahara fort anyway. Plenty of those to find online, useful for Pulp, WW2 and modern era if you keep it modular. Lots of gamers have built them so plenty of ideas now. Well chuffed.

From the looks of it, 4 towers, 6 - 8 sections of wall and 1- 4 gates should suffice for a basic fort or a castle wall lining the table, with stuff like a tower and court yard buildings taking it up to 20 pcs.

That's a fine project there, Sir!

Here are 2 of the most useful setups that I found on the net.

Both consist of towers, straights and gates, are completely KISS and simple enough to build. Just those damned battlements worry me, I think it will be safer to do those in a double row of 2 x 3mm thick blue foam for safety....even if it means cutting out the double amount :P

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