maandag 17 augustus 2015

Modern air and ground support and a tad of fantasy

Last week, a chap on Marktplaats offered up a box full of helicopter kits. It contained a Italeri AH-6A Night Fox. Just the kit I am looking for Mogadishu, how fun is that!? So I bought the lot.

As a bonus, it has a CH-146 Griffon in it as well that will convert nicely into a troopship or a counts as Radio Truck for my mercenaries. Just need to add 2 loose miniguns to my next SandS order to convert the AH-6A. The rest of the kits I dumped back onto the market for a fiver each (sofar no takers) but for even one of the AH-6A's online I would have paid as much as what I paid for 3/4 of the lot so I'm in no hurry to sell.

The spiders are for Daisho/Mordheim/Frostgrave....not like I am playing either of those but they seemed perfect for it and I really enjoyed making one ages ago, so why not make some more. Hell, my 20mm's can fight them for all I care :)

A topic on the Guild pointed out a Yemeni Technical based on a Toyota:
In case you did not know, I love Technicals. Either goverment issue, contractor or rebel built, I don't care. Love em. Most games I want to play need them. The Toyota one is easy enough to make, so who knows. This one has a single heavy rocket launcher on the back (well, i looks like a single)
Compared to that a Libyan one looks more bad ass....

Soon my pretties, soon......

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