zaterdag 8 augustus 2015

Molen van Jetten, part 1

I've been looking for a Dutch windmill for some time, and by Dutch I mean one in Brabant for a backdrop in 1944-45 fighting in Holland.

Thing is, H0 scale windmills that are easily available are the Frisian type, the octagonal type found mostly around Amsterdam and German ones, plus the Dapol one that is excellent for Belgium. They also tend to cost 50 euros and up due to being motorized. There are also some card ones but I suck at card stuff, plastic is my game. So then Piers goes and show me this picture.

Says it was taken in Holland. I say no, that's a Belgian windmill. Discussion ensues, so I get to work with Google and check the Dutch windmill listings. Time to educate myself in Dutch Windmill 1.01.

See, I pass 2 windmills on my way to and from work, De Genenberg in Sint Michielsgestel, a Beltmill and the De Pelikaan in Den Dungen, also a Beltmill. Both are brick. The windmills from Deurne  (Peel area) where I was born are all Beltmills too, though the one in de Zeilberg (south part of Deurne)  called the Maria-Antoinette isn't brick but wood clad with reed, and octagonal like the H0 kits you can buy (so if I ever find one cheap....). So, Beltmills, and all of them out of my price league tbh.

So what's the mill in the picture? A quick Google learns me that it is called a Standerd, seen in Belgium, 47 left in the Netherlands, and also in Northern France and parts of Germany, and they date from the 1100's and later, while the Beltmills are from roughly the 1800's, replacing many Standerds cause the Beltmills had a much higher production capability and were a lot less labour intensive maintenance wise (due to the often brick build).

So where do I find this type of windmill? Well, there is one in Uden, de "Molen van Jetten" (Mill of the Jetten family) and that is about 30 mins drive from here ( and I just found a nameless one in Moergestel, about 20 minutes from here). The Dapol windmill looks like (is?) a closed Standerd mill. I've already built and converted them to Kursk windmills twice so I know the kit well. They are dirt cheap, as low as 6,50 UK Pounds. So now the trick will be to convert the Dapol into the Jetten mill.

First, it is underscale, which is fine for wargaming and not a problem at all. Second, the Jetten mill is a bit more ornamental then the Dapol one but that will be easy to fix with extra plasticcard and removing unwanted bits. Third, the sails are the incorrect type, but I will cover these mostly with tissue paper and woodglue. Fourth, the Dapol base is round, the Jetten mill is square-ish/octagonal?.....I won't change that.

All of the changes I want to make are purely cosmetic (adding plasticcard for the main body) and practical (adding a brass tube for the sails to spin and be removable, while keeping things simple (by not changing the base, for instance)

Next up will be a focus on the actual Molen van Jetten. And look in my stash for windmill number 3, and find windmill nr 2, which is a unfinished PIP....might as well take the time to finish it properly before I get cracking on the new one!

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