donderdag 6 augustus 2015

Serbian Army motivational purchase

Was surfing Marktplaats for 1/48 Ju-52's and decal sheets for the 1/72 kind (none to be found so I guess I will need to look at Ebay eventually) and, as I sometimes do, I looked at sellers other listings. And I saw something interesting.

A lot of items from former Yugoslavia, a Serbian patch, a map bag, a UN sleeve, and a helmet. The helmet had a familiar decal on the front that took me a minute to research. Thx to a supply dump site I found the following:
These are M59/85 single decal Yugo – Serbian Army JNA (Jugoslavenska Narodna Armije or the Yugoslav Peoples Army) steel soldiers helmets. Although these are all the same helmet style we have 4 different helmets you can pick from: Yugo JNA Eagle helmet, Plain Helmet, Red Star (1 ¼” star) and the JNA Cross Sword also known as the Yugoslavian NE44 helmet which was adopted by the Serbs during the civil war in 1991 – 92. The red star symbol was covered with a this symbol sticker of the JNA.
Well, that is nice. And it looked well worn too which I prefer to a new one. So?

Well, as it would have it, I have a Cold War Dutch Army helmet to go with my Cold War Dutch, a Soviet Tankers helmet for my Cold War and WO2 Russians, a Soviet soft flight cap for my WW2 airgames (see a pattern here?) and a sleeve patch for my Chinese Sci-Fi Police (and there, I broke the pattern). I have a small collection of figures and vehicles for gaming the Yugoslavian Civil War (more of an army for show then to game with, mostly), and my focus there is on the Serbians (and a smithering of Croats).

So, Serbian....Army....Helmet. Oh, what the heck. As I didn't need the other tat I just emailed him with a low bid for the helmet including shipping and he accepted within the hour (so fast it makes me think I overpaid!).

So, this is it:

Nicely weathered, it is only missing the chin strap (but I might have some spare) and it reeks to high heaven of 20 years of accumulated sigarette smoke so we'll have to reduce that by quite a bit with bicarbonate soda and a good cleaning, but other then that I have a nice new addition to my future man cave <ahem> hobby room. And yet another motivation to get cracking on my Serbs.

Now, where do I find a nice German repro helmet with a Heer helmet cover and will they accept a original 1940's Swiss Army helmet (and no, it does not have a fold out sun protector, umbrella or 20 feet of rope) in trade? :D

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Are you going to pose while wearing it ;).

  2. Hello,
    just to pop-in and say: Very nice helmet and very rare decal on it! It's JA decal,the leftover of JNA-Yugoslav army,and it lasted very short 91-92. ;)

    P.S. Love the Fallout figures,thumbs up!

    Regards from SRB! :)

    1. Thx mate, I'm very happy with it. Do you game as well?

    2. I play the game :) Fallout 1/2/3 (don't like New Vegas)
      And I am a model maker (Armor -1/35 planes 1/72-1/48), and a bit collector of Serbian war(s) patches and uniforms :)

    3. Looking forward to Fallout 4? I assume collecting Serbain patches is a bit easier in Serbia? I never see them around here.