zaterdag 19 september 2015

A nice day out.

Well, all is calm again in house Gunbird. Kim apolagised, we will clean up the attic but will set aside stuff to be sold in my own pace. The new hobbyroom will be completely mine, she will buy a laptop and stay out of my way. And there was lots of cuddling.

So, with that in mind, I was all set to go on a nice day out to the Ducosim show. And promptly forgot to activate my alarm clock! Great start. After a uneventful train ride and a nice morning walk (including a 5 minute heavy rainstorm :( ) I arrived at De Flint in Amersfoort where Ducosim is held. I thought the 7 euro entree fee is a bit high for such a small show, but then again maybe the 10 euro fee I pay for Crisis could be considered cheap.

With a detour via a specialist games store selling card game addons, that had tons of different card sleeves, I found the perfect ones for my Pulp Alley deck, and with enough to spare for future expansions. 3,30 euro feels like a bargain.

Then straight to the Inquisimunda table. Evin, Mo! and Smeets were already there, still working on the paperwork for Mo!'s warband. I took some shots of the table.
3 games were played on this table, each follow up game a lot quicker then the one before as everyone was trying to learn the rules. People went down and stayed down which was a bit odd, as it was very hard to rally people back up. I still feel this type of game is easier and quicker to play with Pulp Alley as the games engine.

Btw, almost everything you see is lasercut by Evin. He cuts in foam and wood, and made things like custom made counters and the simple and elegant stands for the walkways.

When I had a walk around I couls see 2 massive FoW tables, next to us were 2 By Fire and the Sword tables with Dick and Rutger demoing, and there were even a few LotR tables, as well as X-wing. Jan Willem van der Pijl brought his 1 page rules Pirate game which I really shoould try out sometime.

Shops seemed to focus on boardgames and X-wingalmost exclusively, not too many miniatures, only Malifaux and Flames of War were in any volume. 1 trader did have Pulp! Figures and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and even Ronin, but with no money to spend I let those pass.

I did get stuff though:
Previously arranged on a forum, I had planned to meet up with a fellow gamer to take some stuff off hid hands. It turned out toe be the same chap I traded with last Crisis! It was nice to meet again.
A M16 halftrack (I just need the turret to convert a PSC one), 3 miniatures (a goblin just for his funny face, a post apocalyptic Samurai for Inquisitor and a Squig for use in Frostgrave/Mordheim) plus 3 Old Crow Geckos new in their pack, for scatter scenery for Inquisitor, though tbh, seeing how big military jeeps are getting, they could serve in 20mm as well. I'll give them really generic paint jobs.

Had a really nice day, though I think it did not show as I'm still sick and a bit short of breath. Will go to bed early today and have a nice relaxing sunday :)

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  1. Looks like it was a day for cons. Went to a local one here in Vegas put on by one of the local clubs and shops.
    had an RPG room. a main room with all the Privateer Press, Malifo, Infinity, FOW, and X-wing. I spent most of my time in the side room, playing Lions Rampart, and a warlords games pike and shot game. My friends got up to a few games of mars attacks, terminator, Babylon 5 and some home brew rules for 40k. Tomorrow they are supposed to play some more FOW mod rules for modern. But I will not be heading out to that. Hope you feel better today.

    1. Nice to hear you had a fun day, you could use a little R&R too.

  2. Oh and great table, looks like it was a fun game.

    1. Not there yet, but the basics are sound. Just needs more paint :)

  3. Glad you and your partner have sorted out the problem - makes for a better hobby. Good haul and nice pics from the show.

    1. Yes, talking is good, but we are not there yet. And thank you :)