zondag 15 november 2015

Filter virginity popped

Just lost my filter virginity. Damned easy to use to be honest, I will pick up some more filters and go to town with them, I'm liking these!

After filter on the left, before filter on the right.

 I'll let everything dry for 24 hours, then matte coat them, and then a very fine rust ring around the neck and parts of the welding I think....but weathering powders is another experiment for me :)

Edit: Piers told me that he varnishes the stuff a good 15-30 minutes later. So I waited an hour.....and almost screwed up everything! I forgot my Daler Rowney is white spirit based, big oops! It looks like I did not do too much damage though. LESSON LEARNED!

Edit2: I need to learn to read. Piers told me he varnishes the stuff after it dires a night., and then with water based varnish. Now that it has dried, there doens;t seem to be too much damage (Like I said lastnight) just that everything has a satin sheen now. I'll leave it all to cure till tonight and then reapply a coat of matte varnish.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. The cannister looks great, the filter sure made a lot of difference.
    Which filter did you use?

  2. I have to admit - filters are a thing I don't really understand yet. I've used MIG and AK's enamel effects, but exactly as that - effects. So I'm going to have to read more about what filters are and what they do.

    The canisters look great.

    1. Thx Stephen, I only have 3 filters sofar and my first try with the canisters seems to have worked best. I tried it on darker painted stuff and it didn't seem to do anythings. I do have a sea spray salt one as well that I'm dying to try out on concrete to represent the leeching effect you sometimes see.