dinsdag 17 november 2015

Zinge Industries Propane tanks (large) finished!

Well, they are done. A tad darker then what I wanted but lessons learned for the next set.
And compared to a 28mm GW model:
(Witchunter for reference, model not painted by me, 2nd hand purchase used for scale)
They are made by Zinge Industries, Propane Tanks (they do 2 sizes), 5 pcs for 5 Pounds.
I bought them in January of this year, so it only took me 11 months to get off my ass and paint them.
Cleaning was simple enough, very minor mould lines from casting, only a hint of flash near the neck of the bottle, very clean and crisp.

Basecoated black, painted with Vallejo MC 152 Silver Grey and weatherd with VMC 140 Flat Brown using the sponge technique. Scratching fluid would be nice to use on these as well. Filtered with Ammo MIG Streaking Grime, sealed with 1 coat of GW Gloss, and 2 coats of Daler-Rowney Matte varnish. Base is 20mm round plastic.

Suitable as scatter scenery (or objectives) for games like Pulp, Inquisimunda, Necromunda, 40K, Zombie and Modern games. Stick a signal flare to the top and shoot a hole in it for added anti-zombie effect (won't work like that but looks great in the movies).

Job done! On to the next.

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