dinsdag 29 december 2015

Into the Wastelands

Happily painting stuff for Frostgrave right now and making plans for Post-Apoc scenery right now, also in 28mm. I tried to keep them simple (build wise), thematic, like a episode of a series.

Repconn subdivision
  • Rocket (Pegasus plastic kit I got somwehere, just need to build a base)
  • Signs (already printed, just need to make the boards)
  • Single large building in multiple parts (new territory for me, using foamboard to make larger units that are slottable and have to fit within the restrictions of my cabinet)
  • Computers on tables, other office equipment
The Big Screen (Drive in theater)
  •  Movie screen (scratchbuild with steady base)
  • Projector house (small shack)
  • Car wrecks (working on that part)
  • Sound system (the portable speaker sets hanging from poles at the parking spots, easy to do when casting bits from equipment with the correct shape)
  • Rubbish bins (make a custom one or buy them? The first one would be cheaper when I make my own mould)
Super Duper Market
  • Building frontage and sides only, no top.
  • Parking lot with wrecked cars (no problem)
  • Commercial sign
  • Nuka Cola machine
  • Product sehlves.....lot's of. Sounds like a job for the laser cutter if I want to put in say 3-40 pcs in the isles.

To keep things easy (not that I can do much else anyway) I'll focus on the Drive in for now

Lots of other small stuff to do as well, so many ideas for this, but easy to get ahead of myself here!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Sounds like good plans, and with the way you build things, the end result will be pretty darn good looking!

  2. I like that: focussed projects to pick off.