vrijdag 15 januari 2016

Wasteland ruin - WIP test 2

Feck me, I have not held my concentration like this in a long while. This is a good thing.

I've stuccoed the ruin all over(well, except the ceilings I just noticed) and started rubbling them up a bit.
 Problem is that I ran out of rubble almost straight after I started. I only have a kilogram box of normal basing sand with some coarser elements, but nothing like big grain and small chunks of rock. A quick check of the online stores pulled up tabs around 15 euros including shiping for just a single bag of stuff, and at the second hand Marktplaats they still charged me 6 euros for small rough gravel, 100 grams, shipping included. Well, that dog don't hunt, so I set the building aside.

I had to report at work this morning, to discuss getting back in the saddle (starting again on monday, 4 hours a day - funny thing, my boss is on crutches cause he broke his leg 4 weeks ago....and he is coming to work every day) and after that I decided to park up in the city to have my walking excercise there. I ran into a discount shop full of, well, crap, but in the back was a big table with discounted stuff and Buy 2 get 1 free. And what do I spy with my spectacled eye?

My wife tells me they use this for adding to potted plants and candles to make it look rustic...something? Whatever, I just bagged 3 pots for a total of 1 kilo of grit and coarse bits of ghastly coloured rock. I'll paint them over anyway so who cares. Grand total, 1,70 euro. Happy camper, problem solved.

A few weeks ago I put out a request to the kit trading post for surplus 1:35 scale ammo cans, and found the replies to be most unhelpful ("Go buy aftermarket resin stuff" was the main comment) but 1 chap offered me 2 sets of 1:35 Italeri Modern Battle Gear for a tenner or a 2 engined bomber. Well, better then nothing I thought. So I got two sets of these:
Next to 8 useful ammo cans, there are also a load of boxes and cans of various types, and 1 oild can, on its side and with a circle added in the middle is a dead ringer for a Fallout safe so yes, very happy with these. The 1:35 tank shells I'll try and trade to a 40K IG player. The gas canisters are nice too.
 While making a feeble attempt to clear my desk (failed that) I found my mines again, so I glued tose to my painting sticks and basecoated them.
 Also made some more progress on some Cars cars.
 Final highlight of the week was trading these online for some Cars cars that I had spare.
I just need 1, so 2 of them I'll offer up for trade. Not sure if I wil do that before or after giving them new Nuka Cola labels. They are about 8 cm's tall and will work perfectly standing in front of a building I think. They are actually glass and 2 of them contain liquid!

That's it for today, I'm off to fysio for some knee work.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. That building looks excellent, looking forward to seeing the finished product.
    I hope your transition back to work goes really well for you.

    1. Picked up some simple craft paint bottles with greytones this afternoon so that is sorted too. Yes, looking forward to monday, though I feel a bit embarassed that I have no visible injuries (anymore) and I'm sitting at home and my manager comes to work with abroken leg. Felt....akward.