dinsdag 2 februari 2016

Crackle medium: lesson learned

I learned a good lesson.

A while back I was very impressed with the GW paint that creates cracked earth (Agrellan Earth). As usual, I was not so impressed with the costs of GW paint, so I looked for alternatives. I picked up this:
Bigger pot for the same price.

Since I'm working on a comission I thought it would be a nice time to create dried desert earth with it. So I whip up a tester base, mix it with brown paint and apply it very thickly.


Took over a day to dry and didn't crackle at all. Kim then told me that they used the stuff in art class and I had to apply a thin coat, and paint over that. So I did that, and got something like this:
...which is not at all what I want. A thicker layer of paint was no better. I knew there was a reason why I did not see anyone using this stuff as a replacement.

So, on my shopping list: Agrellan Earth

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Interesting...I wonder if it would work for a cracked frozen pond or fountain for Frostgrave? Perhaps painted white and given some sort of bluish wash?
    Saw this:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHWo8RG1NuY
    this looked useful too:

    Might be something useful there?


    1. Hi John, very useful, but in one of the reports they mention that for small applications the GW product is arguably the best....so :)

  2. Could be useful for old painted walls where the paint has cracked?

    1. Maybe, but I tend to paint most weathering by hand or sponge as it lets you control the effect. With this, you never know what it will look like.