maandag 15 februari 2016

La Maisontaal - basic shell complete

This weekend, I built a new bell tower as I felt the one I had made was a bit too small for my liking to fit with the abbey. Also finished basing all of the (ruined) wall sections so it now a complete walled abbey....with enough holes on 3 sides to sneak in without having to open a door or climb a wall. I also gauzed over most of the windows that need it except the main building, I'll do that latyer this week. Last week I was really burned out on the model ( I always assume this is a problem for normal people as well, but for me even more so, I have tremendous difficulty to get things done as there is always something newer, shinier, fresher idea to work with....the downside to having a very creative brain me thinks) but thanks to the monsters popping out of the ruin in the last Frostgrave game on Friday plus the PM exchange I had with a chap who made a stunning La Maisontaal himself is really getting me fired up to work some more on it.

The new tower (bigger, wider and in 2 pieces):

The overall look with all of the walls included.
(my apolagies for using my phone for the is terrible)

What I should be doing in the next 1-2 weeks:
  • gauze the last window
  • add stone blocks with cardboard to all of the sides of the buildings (ton of work this one)
  • Top all of the walls with cardboard stone...not all of them are completely level but that adds charm I think (ok, my cutting isn't perfect, sue me)
What I should do in the 1-2 week period after that:
  • Build the skeleton frame of the roof with what I have....which, granted, is just sateh sticks and sticks from fireworks in all sizes, so that will be fun. I made the buildings in such a way that I will cut out slots for the beams when I have finished the roofs in 2 pieces and can just stick them in and glue them down....the openings are big enough to easily place models in the inside and frankly, removing a roof over and over again isn't going to make it last very long (not the kind of roof I have planned anyway.
  • Tile it....also a fun job.
After that, it is painting time, I want it as a display model ready for Frostgrave and the Figz event as I want to do a demo on foamboardbuilding and using cheap crap to embelish them. Which reminds me, I need to shoot them an email for it. 

And in other news.....

I paid money for figs. There, I said it. I paid a fiver for a box of old 1st Edition plastic Terminators, so I now have 8 of them (1 is a flamer) so I need 2 more to complete a set for Space Hulk. I had been looking at the newest model Terminator for quite a while now, but these cost a lot more and the balance was tipped in favour of the oldies thx to the beautiful paintjobs by Sgt Scream over at Small Scale Operations Blog and the LAF and the Guild of course. Old school Blood Angel paintjobs. Old, monopose, but full of flavour and with plenty of room for conversions. Also in the box are a bunch of nidsa and 4 plastic 1st Edition Librarians, I put those up for trade on the Oldhammer FB group, maybe someone wants to swap them for some normal 1st edition plastic Termies, I'm looking for 1 flamer, 1 normal one and possibly 2 extra normal ones for conversions.


These could possibly be the last figures I will be buying for a long time. As it turns out, the guys that do our taxes made a mistake over the last few years, and this has been found out, so now we owe the tax man quite a sum of money. This combined with me losing my job and our mutual income already taking a hit as the mortgage tax rules have been changed so people on benefits, but owning a house, now get substantially less returns, means my spending days are really over. We are even thinking on doing what a lot of couples that we know do, put our entire paychecks into a single bankaccount, and paying all of our bills with it, and taking off maybe 25 or more euros for both of us for our own needs (as in toys, evening out, or convention fees). In my case that would be for postage fees for trades, and the money I make with just selling stuff would go into my paypal or bankaccount and would be an extra for later. But things are dire, with the tax cut and my job loss we are losing at least 500 from our mutual incomes and this could possibly mean taking the kids out of daycare as we can no longer afford that even with our tax break on that. And me being a stay at home dad for 3 days a week and all the issues that brings.....I love my kids but have trouble feeling and connecting with them sometimes and I've been rather snappy lately....which breaks my heart the momet I do something stupid :(

So, lots of stress here in the house  which isn't making things more fun, that's for sure.

And to all of my friends telling me I need to make scenery or paint stuff for a living.....just stop. I paint mediocre at best, and my creativity is also my biggest bane cause it is nearly impossible for me to commit to anything as my mind wanders off on a daily basis. Getting they grey matter to be helpfull and repsonive is a daily chore and pretty often I give up on a project as I just can't get my head around it.

At least Kim said she likes to see me working so focussed on these 2 projects and to see them growing every week, closer and closer to being finished, and that I have planned them in such a way with gaming and storage in mind, which means a lot to me.

So, let's see what next week will bring. Rain or shine, I'm going for the win.

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