maandag 8 februari 2016

Size matters!

Last week I made a post on the GW Hobby (Dutch) forum that I was looking for a boar as I had rolled one up as a creature for Frostgrave. I got some replies, and a nice Dutch Expat in Sweden sent me the Northstar boar from Frostgrave, and I traded 2 old 1993 GW Boars at Poldercon to complete the lot. But then Mo!, who was giving a conversion workshop, gave me one of the new(er) GW boars.

 25mm base on the left, 40mm base on the right.
It's the size of a horse! I love it, it looks really agressive, it just needs some greenstuff to fill up the bare patches and gaps where the parts are glued. The Northstar one looks like a baby now....I thought about painting it as such but when I told Kim she made a sad face....babykilling and all that. So let's not shall we.

Since I'm spending so much time on the ruins I've only been able to cobble together a bag of skeleton parts for 1 undead, plus I found my Zombie from Crisis again. I know my giant rats are here somewhere, but they feel a bit weedy so I might swap them for some Necromunda rats. Don't think I will get it all done before friday though....well, I know so.

I want another one of those big boars though. I like!

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