vrijdag 1 juni 2012

My first Shapeways

I received my first Shapeways order yesterdag around 14:30 from a Brownshirt, ordered it on May 24th and the date they expected to have it ready and delivered was the 5th of June. So it arrived 5 days ahead of schedule! And what a big box it is!

Inside, well protected in individual bags and bubblewrap are 3 packets.

A bit dusty, I received my water tower:

And the Power Pylons:

Both are from the Brigade Models 3D Shapeways shop.

As I said, a bit dusty, so I put the items in my Ultrasonic cleaner and rinsed them off afterwards. I then used a cloth to dry the watertower, leaves threads all over it! These were removed with some sticky tape, but I must remember next time to airdry them, it is safer. Cause they feel a bit rough to the toutch I should have known that that wasn't my smartest move :)

But after that, they are clean. No release agent, only the tiniest sliver of flash on the pylons (other then the base that holds all 3 together). And as described, strong but flexible . I was a bit worried some parts might break off while handling them, but the flex combined with the strength made sure I had to use some effort to remove the base. In the end, the simple (nail) clipper worked best and those pieces came right off..

Basing them was quick as well, drilled holes in the bases to sink the feet in for stability and strength, and cause they are a bit flexible this was a breeze as well. Sanded them, basecoated them in grey primer for ease as they would be grey anyway and the paintjob was very quick. I didn't wash them as I fear the dark wash would have revealed the grainyness. I did add one highlight but as expected, you can't see it after varnishing ;D

I finished the Pylons first, the water tower has been based with some scenics added and is basecoated, it might get in line next week.

The Pylons (reference models are 1/300 Scotia and Navwar items) are ready for the table.

Detail of the roughness, but it is very strong even if it is thin, you could never do this in resin.

"Luke, I am your father....." 6mm vs HO scale Pylon.

So, is this the start of a promising future for me and Shapeways? Well, that depends. This lot set me back 27 Dollars for the Pylons, costing me a bit over 4 dollars each, 13 ish dollars for the mushroom watertower and another 7.75 dollars for shipping for a grand total of a bit over 36 euros. I think that is alot of money for 7 scenic pieces, but especially the Power Pylons are so well detailed and ready in no time that I think they are worth it. I would pick up another set of them when I'll head off into the desert for wargaming, but for now this will do. I won't use them for small vehicles though, the stuff seems to rough for that, even though sanding remidies this. There are more releases uploaded every day so who knows what will be available in 6 months time.

I will send Shapeways an email if it would be possible to do a pick up of my (future) orders as their location is a 20 minute drive from my place. Which makes me lucky anyway as the shipping costs are really low for me, and I have heard enough stories about the high costs for foreign orders.

So to quote Arnie, "I'll be back!"

17-8-2015 Edit: relinked all of the pictures. These items have since been sold to Piers Brand.

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  1. ah I wondered what they'ld be like. I of coarse live on the wrong side of the world to get these so I'll just sit and admire the things you get

  2. What make is the HO scale power pylon?