dinsdag 28 april 2015

Chapels and Cults...and a bit of Kroot

I've been putting my little hobbytime to good use by making new moulds of items I wanted to copy. Some came out rather good, some not so good, Some (almost) not at all, the fan mould took me 15 tries to get a acceptable one, I kept getting airbubbles on the fanblades.

But I manegd to get 1 spot on so I'm copying that each night, plus parts for the AA 40K traffic pole (base plates and relics) and mines (bottom of the shot) so that is going rather well, if a bit slow.

I also cobbled together a new shrine, but I'm not 100% convinced I like it.
Needs a roof. I'm just not sold on it. Convince me it is good.

Spent my budget on a bits order. Which swelled a bit bigger then planned but they had some useful new bits in stock, managed to nab the book Nagash holds for instance for use as a objective, as well as enough parts to do 2 more Plague drones, some Plaguebearer plastic heads for possible Nurgle Marines as well as other bits, plus second hand box of Kroot for a tenner. Then added some miniatures, almost a meter of greenstuff, more fans and bike bases for the Doomwheels and sudeenly I rang up a tab of about 130 euros!. Bugger. So I spent a few nights of selling stuff and sofar I made 155 euros so that offsets it quite nicely.

Not that the wife was please when I showed her the balance book :/

I have no purchases planned other then all 8 Plaguebearer sculpts (the ones before the plastics came out) as I really like those which will set me back another 15 including shipping and is really a steal I think. They are just for my collection, I'll never use em all for a game, just 1 or maybe 2 at the most, but I just wanted them.

I have some wants, like the Jez Goodwin Plague Marine with the pointy finger, and a WH Nurgle Champion, but those purchases can't wait till next month as I have a rather hefty repair bill for my scooter....bugger. (so I actually need to sell more!)

I've been looking at some ideas for the project after this one, purely looking at other peoples ideas for Kroot as an army/warband and the plethora of conversions people did for them. This spurred on by the box of 15 of them new on sprue I managed to bag for 10 euros....a bargain. There are loads of good ideas to be found for Kroot (plus a ton of not so good) that I saved on my computer for later reference. But more on that later.

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