maandag 11 mei 2015

Casting call

Got to spend an hour or so this sundayevening, so just gathered all of my casts together and filled up the moulds with fresh greenstuff for tomorrow. I've got enough fans now to do another 5 drones, so that is sorted (but will do more for trading and scenery purposes), the mine mould seems to have worn out if I look at the last cast from it, it was deformed. That or I have pushed too hard. I've also started to cast lots of lenzes, sockets and bionic eyes for the drones and future creations. Still have 8 cm of the original 18 inches of greenstuff left, and the new 75cm roll is happily in the freezer right now, so I should be set for the next few months.

Also built the next 2 Plague Drone bodies and realised there is a lot of sculted details on the bodies, details I want to cast to add to a future monster or shrine devoted to Nurgle. I will make moulds of that first before I cut them open and fill them with plastic scrap later this week.I will neeed to make a bigger casting box though.

Also quite happy with my Graveyard topic on the Lead Adventure Forum. Almost 30 people have voted and some have shown examples of their, highly inspiring, work. As it stands now I think I will go for single basing again, with 2-3 stone bases added to that, just for the amount of adaptability it gives me. Sure, setting up takes more time, but I feel it is worth it. With the Gardens of Morr box and 3 bags of Ainsty's graveyard bits I have enough to last me a while. I'm eyeing the Renadra graveyard sprue, buys for now. maybe it is better to get that (If I'm allowed to buy again) when I have finished the Garden and the gravestones markers. Or maybe as a birthday present for myself in October. A man can dream, eh?

2 more weeks till I have another club night. Can't wait to get out again.

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  1. Busy man! Speaking of cemetaries, have you seen Gardens of Hecate's project?