zondag 31 mei 2015

Lay out changes

Just deleted the background pic, it only showed at the top post and since my focus isn't just on WO2 I thought it to be obsolete, so simple plain grey now. Also widend the Blog, it felt a bit cramped. Widend the right colums as well. Still don't think there is a need for a left bar.

Though if you disagree, let me know!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Looks fine on my laptop and tablet.

    You might want to think about what is a 'comfortable' number of words per line to read maybe and narrow the post area to around 60 - 75 characters. You can then widen the side bar slightly to compensate.

    I don't know what is important to you, but thinking about the ordering of the sidebar might be an improvement to you. Your index and tags are below a long list of other peoples' blogs. Do you want to advertise other blogs, or do you want to help people navigate yours?

    I also use the footer for stuff too, as you have done, but my 'most popular posts' go in the sidebar and bits about me etc in the footer. If someone has visited my blog before, they know all about me, whereas they may have missed some or all of the 'popular posts'.

    Backgrounds are a difficult one and certainly a plain one does not distract you from the posts themselves... so that gives me something to think about. :-)

  2. Widend to 1200, added another column, made both wider to 250. Size to picture ratio seems ok now, though I could trim the lot down to 1100 or even 1000 if it is not showing too well on a tablet?

  3. On tablet, when held for 'portrait' view (long sides vertical), the extra width means the text is reduced to a size making it hard to read. I think going to 1,000 should solve this. Looks okay on a laptop still obviously.

    Personally I don't like sidebars on the left, but that is just me. We Westerners read from left to right, so we automatically look to the left of a page first... so that is where the post should be.

    The layout on the right sidebar is much better though!

    Maybe you should look at other blogs and see how they look to you... which ones are easy to read, which ones seem to have sensible layouts etc.

    I just noticed the comment re: Aspergers... In a hobby dominated by lists, rules, certain ways of doing things, routines, obsessions with periods and all that, it would not be surprising for there to be many undiagnosed 'alternative thinkers' amongst us, or at least many of us are only a short step away. :-)

    1. Thx Jim. I think I'll leave it like this for a while, I asked around for feedback and the general concensus was that it works and people like the easy on your eyes grey no frills background.

      When I was younger I was a member of a club were everyone except me had experiences with therapy and whatnot (but they were all great guys to game with) and I thought I was the odd one out for being "normal". Hah! I realised since that I don't like the term autism much as it creates a mentally handicapped stigma. Your term, alternative thinkers, fits the bill much better. And is true, I do think differently, but that makes me tackle problems in ways my colleagues at work hadn't even thought of. And mine are more efficient 9 out of 10 times. Eat that, "handicap"!

    2. At the low end of the spectrum it can sometimes be an advantage, as you've found. Relatively recent news stories and movies (e.g. 'A Good Year') create a public perception that such people are hyper-talented however... something which can be hard to live up to. The guys I used to support were certainly far from that expectation.

      Layout-wise it is easy on the eyes for sure. I can read it with bright sunlight on the screen, something LAF's colour scheme will not let me do.

  4. Thx Jim for your feedback, much appreciated. :)