woensdag 3 juni 2015

Big plans on a small scale

Decided not to make a new building tonight, just basecoat and stucco the 2 new additions, and put it all on a imaginary 80x80 cm table to see where I am at now.

Thought of day: SF helo insertion table or Defend the Castle, central-ish square with VIP house middle-ish. These are my 10 buildings on a 80x80 square lined in red, so my plan of making 10 more to get a round 20 to fill a table isn't far off the mark. As I have made all of the buildings with just 2-3mm of base around them it is very easy to make alleyways and narrow roads. Plenty of doors on all sides so you can choose to go through and over houses. Ground floor and first floor only except for the minaret.

Expansion plans:
  • Modern add on bits like aerials, plastic water tanks, sattelite dishes, communal garbage cans, generators, cars, motorbikes, phone booth, monument.
  • 1940's and earlier add on bits like jars, clotheslines, fountain, resting camels, older cars.
  • Another 10 3 storey appartment blocks for a more Beirut/Iraq feel
  • Set of 10 Tatooinish buildings
  • Sci-Fi add on parts like solar panels, mositure farm, droids
  • A set of walls
  • A mosque
  • Billboards
These are just ideas and projects just on their own, for when I have finished the first 20. If I keep up my current speed, always tricky, I hope to have 20 made by the end of this month, so I can start painting them in July.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. fantastic work and a very interesting concept of using the buildings for sci fi. 20mm is an amazing scale which I may look at again.

    1. Then don't it for the sci-fi potential! All my stuff is either large race 15mm stuff and droids, there is hardly a decent 20mm sci-fi maker in sight. Though that might change in the future :)

  2. Wow, nice setup! These are going to look magnificent once painted.
    How's your wife by the way?

    1. That is the plan. Juts need to make loads more :P The wife is out of the hospital but pretty drugged up to keep her in check. Not the best solution but such is life.