zondag 21 juni 2015

Bombshell Miniatures Order Review

My dearest Kim had told me I could ask for something for Fathersday (to prevent me from getting yet another cup) but I would have to order it myself.

I decided to order something I usually wouldn't, checked my wanted list and selected Bombshell Miniatures. They have a interesting selection of miniatures, but due to the Euro-Dollar balance, high US shipping costs (and the fact I have no money) I've never ordered. They sell mostly 28mm miniatures.

 Came with a nice card too and a ruler (not pictured)

For this order I selected:
-60002 - HLpR Bot
-60011 - GhNT Spybot
-60016 - MInE Bot
-60019 - Slynx the Cat

All of the bots are the cheaper (and smaller) 3,99 $ kind as I figured they would work the best for 20mm. The cat I ordered for use as a Grynx in Inquisitor. I ordered doubles of everything as it will be very unlikely I will order again in the future, plus with a hefty 12.75$ in shipping I didn't want to make it too costly for Kim.

FLTR - Spybot - MIne Bot - HLpR Bot

Compared to the small sized Beetle from Britannia they will work fine as smaller Robots in 20mm. Casting is clean, hardly any flash, I can reccomend these if you are looking for nice robots to use in 20mm, or even 15-28mm. Heck, they'd work for 6mm armies as small walkers really. The Spybot comes with regular arms and weapon arms, a nice toutch.

Order was made on June 11th and arrived on June 20th, right in time for Fathers Day. The only nitpick I have is that I gave my workadress as the shipping adress (as Kim doesn't want to receive packages) but when I made the order it automatically selected my Paypaladress (aka Home) as the default adress. No real problem, small envelope, and most likely due to the automated process but you might want to remember that if you want to have it delivered somewhere other then your Paypal adress.

I really should contact my niece, who lives in Texas, to see if she would be willing to receive and bring as carry on, packages for me when she comes over for Xmas etc, if I have money again. Shipping costs for US stuff is just too expensive otherwise, nice as they are.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Bombshell miniatures has quite a few interesting figurines (I have a few myself). But like you said, shipping is quite hefty. I usually look for sites which provide free shipping when you order for a certain amount (it is at least $100 most of the time though). Sometimes ordering together with friends.
    It was very kind of Kim to get you a gift like that.
    Hopefully she's around when you received it.
    Or is she still in hospital?

    1. Nope, still in the hospital I'm afraid, she already mentioned we will celebrate Fathers Day at a later date when she feels better. Not sure when that is though.