zondag 21 juni 2015

Buildings 13, 14 and 15

3 more buildings this week.

Gatehouse (or gate with house on top) and 2 sets of garages/shops.

Nr. 13
The gatehouse. Decided to make the gate wider then the previous one (this one fits a tank) plus a pedestrian tunnel and a covered stairway to a small flat on top.

Not finished, needs sanding plus sand on the base reinforcement plus some sanding on the inside of the arches, plus a door needs to be inserted. You might notice that the base is no longer 4mm wider then the building. I noticed that these box shapes are really tough and don't need that. Also, it lets me put the buildings right up against each other, so that is the way I will go with the rest of my buildings and I might even rework some of the older ones. Since they are not painted yet that is no problem.

Nr. 14
Garage/shops number 3.
Simple box, shutters on the front, closed on all other sides.

Nr. 15
Garage/shops number 4.
Same as 14, but left 1 garage/shop open. Not full depth, but (just not) deep enough for the Beetle.

The shops will get seperate awnings, goods and stalls that I can put in front or seperate at a later date. I got them planned in my head :) 5 more to go!

And in other news:
  • 100.000 views! Wow, took me a couple of years to get there but still impressed so many people have dropped in to see my work and ramblings :) Thx guys!
  • After conversing with a few mates, I've decided to focus the soon to start painting on 20mm Taliban as I have a big bag of them ready to go. (so I don't need to go out and buy/trade stuff)
  • Kim might not be released from the hospital on Monday
  • I've gotten a bit lax and not sold any stuff for a couple of weeks now, but don't hold it against me as due to all of this business with Kim I've been more preoccupied with R&R in the evenings.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Oops, I didn't notice this post while posting a reply on the previous one!
    Your city is growing fast, have you decided on a painting scheme yet?
    It is a shame the beatle doesn't fit in the garage just yet. Perhaps you can print out a picture with garbage and past it against the back wall ;).
    It will provide some nice cover for infantry though or you can probably fit a motorcycle in.

    1. Paint will also be simple, maybe a dirty brown base highlighted up to off white with blue and green weathered doors. I've got loads of tiny garbage bags now I can just place in there if I want :)

  2. I really need to get started on my Arab/African city...Bugger.

    1. Just do it, it is a really simple and forgiving building project.

  3. 15 now!!!. Fast work.!! You´ll have to make a "Progress so far" Group pic.
    Strangely, I too have gone for making some houses that can be placed next to each other. I´ll have a look about for some mesh suitable for 20mm scale for Aerials and ladders..I´ll let you know when I´ve found some :-D

    1. Will do a group pic soon :) And I think I actually found the mesh that I need when I was walking through it for some garden supplies for our garden yesterday. Ziftgaas, roll of 50cm x 2.50 meter, for sieves. 6,35mm squares, 12 euro for a roll but a coupon should strip 20% off that. Looks perfect, even if it is alot!