zondag 28 juni 2015

"Knock, knock!"

After receiving depressing news today that Kim won't be released till the 10th of July, there is no treatment plan finished even when she is released and re-sorting out babysitters for the next 2 weeks I decided to watch telly and call it a night.

My God, they do let anyone with a vague idea of tv make shows these days, do they? No wonder I hardly ever watch anymore. So I switched it off after an hour or so, grabbed my toolbox and plasticcard and went to town.

Nothing major, more KISS using fixed size thin plasticcard overlaid on a base, with details drilled and or raised (or both). Simple things really. From left to right.

  1. Door with a spyhole for me to pop something out a la C-3PO and R2-D2 at the door to Jabba's palace (thx Rob for putting that idea in my head!)
  2. Reinforced metal door
  3. Sorta Kinda metal vault door, with the round bit inside for fitting a wheel to open the door like they have on a sub....my Zinge Industries ones will work for that.
  4. Normal door
  5. Piece of a old HO scale house that looked door-ish
  6. First door (and a lot of work it was)
  7. Door with thinner strips to colour in
While delving through my plasticcard scrap box I also found another abandoned HO-sprue that will make excellent shutters for sci-fi.

Both lots will be turned into press moulds later this week so I can full out with more greenstuff and get plenty of casts done when I start my sci-fi buildings.

And in other news.....I managed to trade one of my surplus Black Hawks for a Star Trek Kazon Fighter that I will be converting a bit. I already have the Kazon Torpedo built up, flight stand ready, I just need to make a flight base for it when it is parked somewhere. Bargain deal really.

Also, while saying goodbye to the guys at the club (due to Kim's illness it's pretty uncertain if I can (or am willing to) find babysitters for me to go to a hobby night, with all of the added expenses that that brings) a few chaps were kind enough to give me some great GW bits....some Ogre bear-traps, the spare head of the new 27 euro single model Techpriest and quite a few Adeptus Mechanicus symbols of the Imperial Knight....all of which will come in handy for my Inquisitor adventure.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Pfoe, sounds like it really is a serious illness, I can only hope they find treatment. Even if it means she will most likely need to take the medication for the rest of her life.

    The doors look great, nice work with the plasticard.
    With a bit more hobbytime, you will no doubt make fast progress on a number of projects.
    What are you planning to do with the Kazon fighter by the way?

    1. Well, one of the things she has is a full blown depression, which isn't helping :(

      The Fighter will be based at my space port, either as background scenery or something more playable.