zondag 14 juni 2015

Putting things in order.

I've been spending a lot of time downstairs checking up and talking to my wife while building Middle Eastern buildings, and progress has been good as I have a nice big clean working area there (that I have to leave immaculate for the next day so she can eat off it).

So good in fact that I started to number/label my stuff so I can keep count of it all, what needs to be done and what my intentions are for the piece. After doing this tonight I realised I need to build a few more garages/shops as sofar I only have 2 of those and I feel I need a few more.

This is where I am now.

Building 1 is a workshop/shop with a rear exit. It is not really deep enough to be a garage for anything other then a couple of motorbikes. This one is ready for paint.

Building 2 is a set of garages/(work)shops, the one on the right showing a few barrels. Ready for paint.

Building 3 is a home with doors on all sides. My first experiment with slotting boxes against each other to create small courtyards. Ready for paint.

Building 4 is a very basic minaret, with a fancy woodwork door. Ready for paint.

Building 5 is a small home. The extra bit of wall is too thin. Ready for paint.

Building 6 is my first official building that can be virtually anything. I've decided to stucco it as well, but go over each part with a wet finger to make it much smoother. Also, I need to cut the front garden pieces out. So, not ready for paint yet :)

Building 7 is building 3 on steroids. Bigger house, covered hallway and garage plus courtyard. Slot 2 of these together (maybe add a few walls) and you get a compound. Ready for paint.

Building 8 is the same idea, house plus storage area, small courtyard. Tried my first covered passage and made it a bit fancy. Slots nicely against nr. 3 and nr. 7. Ready for paint.

Building 9 is simple again, house plus storage area, with connecting wall 2 sheets thick, which looks better. Needs sand basing and doorknobs. Not ready.

Building 10 was rushed, so I didn't get all my cuts properly lined up. I'll hide it with flowing curtains. Needs sand basing, not ready.

Building 11 is the big house. Experimented with making one of the side buildings with an open door (inside will be painted black) for 3D effect, and rounded off roof-walls-whatchamacallit. Top floor needs curtains waving in the wind, base needs sand, not ready. Again, this piece can be made into a compound.

Building 12 is the Gate, flanked by 2 houses. Was a bit too enthusiastic with removing excess base plasticcard, after everything dried I noticed there was flex in the archway, so I added a strip of plasticcard on the inside of the arch floor and used plenty of filler for the arch itself. Now it is solid as a rock. The top floor decking did sag a bit, but nothing major. Needs basing sand and should be fun to paint then.

8 more to go then! I'll make 2 or 3 more covered shops, another gate piece (maybe bigger? this on fits the average car/donkey cart, something tank sized or 2 car sized archways together would be nice). Some smaller homes would be quick and good additions and then I'll hit 20 soon enough.

Not pictured is the first bits of work done on making roof entry points, simple scrap pieces of plasticcard with a door or curtain and some filler, some ideas on making tv aerials (concencus: find a gamer with brass wire and soldering skills who I can pay/trade with.) and a vivid dream on how to make a appartment block (nice, but it ruined my night as I kept waking up).

I also did a trial to make my own vases/urns but as far as I think, that failed, not a symmetical vase in sight for miles. Nice try though. Picked up a new box of metal clothes pins for the doorknobs and to make future balconies stronger. Also started the woodwork for hanging gardens, and I will have to make quite a few ladders to get up on those roofs from the outside.

Sofar I'm still pretty enthusiastic for this project, which shows in the progress and the ideas I'm getting from it..

Trading wise I only aquired a Black Hawk in a busted deal...I was promised one suitable for Black Hawk Down, received a bog standard one, complained, got told off and he won't return my stuff. So much for trusting everyone so easily.....so now I have 2 regular Black Hawks and 1 maybe of the SF version. But, other then 5 euros shipping and 2 smaller scale kits I didn't lose out too much. Other then my faith in humanity that is.....

But there will be new miniatures incoming! According to the rules of the Lead Mountain I cannot buy stuff unless I spend a Joker, but gifts are ok.  I was told to look for a Fathersday gift by the wife, since she didn't want to get me another mug like last year (got 4 mugs already, how many does 1 man need!) so she gave me a 40 euro spending limit and yes, it could be miniatures. That is all I will say for now, but I'm eagerly awaiting a package from the USA now :) And they are Sci-fi themed! And I'll shut up now!

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  1. My goodness, you build an entire city!! It´s looking fantastic so far, i bet it will be very impressive when finished. Will be back for more ;) Cheers!

    1. An entire city and then some....there will be loads more :)

  2. Bloody brilliant! Very inspiring! What measurements do you use?

    1. Fixed sizes for everything. 1 floor is 4cm, doors are 25x15mm, windows 10x10mm, everything is stackable inside a A4 paper box, I use A4 sized plasticcard cut to size, buildings are made to fit the bases as close as possible. No extra's or fancy dooads, all of that will be separately based for extreme adaptability. I should do a step by step with parts used and how-to soon.

  3. Amazing work, you did put a lot of effort and variety in these! Once painted these will look outstanding on the tabletop.

    1. Yes....still not 100% sure how I'm going to paint these though!

  4. Simple but very effective! I really like the arch..I might use the idea and adapt it for medieval houses.
    "1 floor is 4cm, doors are 25x15mm, windows 10x10mm"..I use the same measurements :-D (except for my medieval houses the top floors I make 3.5cm´s high)
    Idea for aerials...some wire mesh (like fine chicken wire..the type that´s welded at the joins.Just snip out the shape ....and you could use the mesh (cut into strips) for ladders :-D

    1. Thx Paul. My top floors end up being 3cm's tall with a 7mm wall on top if I do a sunken roof...which what I have done for most of them sofar. I'm now experimenting with just adding a sheet op top and no side walls. The problem with the mesh I can find locally is that it is too big to use like that, even too big for 28mm figs tbh.

  5. This looks great - love the aerial idea Pauls Bods...

    Urns and Vases - look out for craft beads - they are perfect

    1. Thx Eric. I'm looking for beads but I can only visit the big cities on sundays or on gaming nights.....all shops are closed by the time I get there. :(