woensdag 3 juni 2015

WIP building 8

The Lead Mountain Challenge has set me on fire, I'm working hard to reduce the amount of bluefoam in my stash. So far, out of 10 sheets I've made 10 buildings and I'm only just halfway sheet nr 1.

I'm now building 1 building per evening, painting it with gesso the next day and stucco-ing and sanding it the next day after. (by testing I found out the Stucco sticks best to a coat of Gesso primer). I've added another 3 buildings now, nrs 8,9 and 10. 8 is the more extensive of the 3, 9 is 2 boxes on one base and 10 is just a big box cause I was feeling very uninspired.

8 is still a WIP but the shape is quite nice, a 2 storey L shaped building with a overpass to a 1 storey shed.

The top floor exit needs some curtain cover, I'll do that when I have a few of them lined up so I can do it in one go. The shack dooropening will be painted black. The front door needs a knob. I like the covered overpass, I will try to make a few more of those, but bigger, it takes some planning but works ok. I might do another coat of Gesso on the top floors and on the opening edges to seal it all before calling it done for now and moving on to the next building.

I think I will spend tomorrow making a few boxes in different sizes, and then cutting them apart a bit and slotting them together to create 1 larger, ad hoc, building.

I'm also thinking of making a few buildings with higher roof walls. Now they are just 6-7 mm tall, I might make a few buildings with 16-17mm tall roof walls to see how they look.

I need more ideas anyway so I'm off now to Google stuff :)

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