vrijdag 10 juli 2015

1000 bombs and grenades!

(blatantly ripping off Captain Haddock here!)

I made a trade this week, traded a old Me-109 kit for this box.

Considering the value of a Matchbox Me-109, I think I got the better deal, but the swapper was happy with it so who am I to judge. Box is a bit worn but the contents are still shrinkwrapped. I swapped it because I want to convert a P-51 into a look-a-like Enforcer for AK-47and need (ha! need!) extra rocket tubes and bombs. The only ones I had right now in my bits box were Russian so that obviously did not work. I also looked at a A-26 (someone on the box swapping group has one for sale for 12,50 euro or the equivalent, but that bird is a big too big for me.....the Enforcer is nice and small, much more maneagable.

Btw, it is all Jim of Jim's Wargames Workbench fault, he is my main inspiration for AK-47. The Enforcer/Cavalier idea comes from him. And I don't blame him :)

And why not? I have at least 5 P-51's of various marks and manufacturers in stock and this lets me go wild in imaginary colours and markings. It's not like my future American WW2 army needs 5 Mustangs. I already have 3 Thunderbolts of various makes lined up for them :D

And it saves me from buying a new kit! Money saved!

And in other news....
  • Sales are going strong, sold 3 GW lots plus 2 more big kits. I'm eyeing some trades, mostly smaller kits like HO power lines and such, but nothing has finalised yet.
  • I found someone willing to trade me (heck, I got it for free) a 2nd SM Droppod Missile Pod, so I can arm one of the Doomwheels that way. Another chap is still looking for the elusive stash of Sentinel weapons that would be very useful!
  • I found a chap willing to trade some Mordheim Witchunter captains in echange for some GW Stormtroopers. As I have a bag full of them I think that it is a great deal. Now I can't find the bag <sigh>
  • I need to put more stuff up for sale. Seriously.
  • Finally....Kim will be released from the hospital against her, mine and several institutions wishes. I really think psychological healthcare has turned into "stuff full or tranquilisers and see who gives up first" medicine practice as there is still no agreement on when she will receive therapy. They are just returning her home where nothing has changed. If anything happens to her or my children because of this I.... I best not put to paper what I'm thinking right now. :(

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  1. Oh for the love of...
    My mum used to work in psychiatric care. She hated above all else sending people home who did not want to go home and who they did not feel should go home just because they could not afford to keep them in any longer. I hope all goes well for you and Kim.
    *fingers crossed*