zondag 26 juli 2015

28mm German Starter Force for Battlegroup Barbarossa

Starting with the basics first. The backbone of each of my armies is a Infantry Platoon and I just tack the rest to it at a later date.

Battlegroup Barbarossa; German Infantry Division Battlegroup, list starts at page 65.

Infantry Platoon (page 66)

Consists of 1 Platoon Command, 3 Infantry Squads, 3 MG Teams and up to 4 Support Options
  • Command Squad - 6 men
  • Infantry Squad - 7 men
  • Infantry squad - 7 men
  • Infantry squad - 7 men
  • MG team - 3 men
  • MG team - 3 men
  • MG team - 3 men
Support options are:
  • Combat Medic - 1 man
  • Light Mortar team - 2  men and a 50mm mortar 
  • HMG team - Tripod MG-34 and 3 men
  • Anti Tank Rifle team - 2 men with AT rifle
  • Medium Mortar team - 3 men with 80mm mortar
  • Anti Tank Gun - 28mm PzB41 gun with 3 crew (upgrade to 37mm PaK36)
  • Infantry Gun - 75mm IG18 gun with 3 crew
So the basic platoon will use up 36 men. My benefactor has already paid me for the first 20 infantry that are all rifle armed, so that takes care of 15 men of the Infantry squads, 3 men of the MG teams and 2 men of the Command squad. BTD are having a 40% sale off this weekend only so I asked if I could get the following from him: 1 pack of officers, 1 HMG team, 1 medical team, 1 pack of LMG's  and 2 packs of SMG's. It turns out it is a few euros over budget,  but fills out everything but 1 LMG team.

So when it all arrives I have 34 men to paint for starters plus a HMG team and a medic as a buffer/teaser untill I need to source more second hand or cheap models for the mortar, the AT rifle, the AT gun and the IG gun options and then have a look at the command options

I am contemplating spending some of my own money on 28mm decals for the rank signs and helmet decals. Bolt Action do a nice set at 2 Pounds a sheet and I'm not going to paint details like that.

Of course, if we try Battlegroup a few times and he does not like it I'll just finish off the lot and sell it as a Battlegroup Starter army instead, cause I'm finding 28mm to be way more expensive then 20mm is. I do feel they will be fun to paint though, not at all that different then 20mm, so I'm hoping to do at least 5 figures a week and get the Infantry core done in 2 months time. On second thought, it could be a nice army to hold on to for Pulp purposes. We'll see!

Points to think about are:
  • Basing? I don't like GW bases, I want mine to be as small as possible, so 2mm preferable. I've got a bag of 25mm round plywood bases of that thickness, and plenty of plasticcard for MG teams etc. Though....2 cent euro pieces are a cheaper option. Black trim.
  • Base markers - same style as my 20mm so colour coded.
  • Paint - I should have all the vallejo I need on hand, but better check in advance to see nothing has dried up during my 2 year hiatus.
  • Background? I've selected the 44th Infanterie Division to base these guys on as they fought from Poland to France to their demise at Stalingrad. You won't see anything of it on the figs but it is nice to have some history.

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  1. That's going to be quite a challenge to paint such a large group, unless you paint a lot faster than me. I look forward to see your first painted mini's and hope your skills haven't dwindled after 2 years

    1. Paintining isn't really the issue, I'll do it the same away as all of my previous Germans, in blocks of 5-10, get them all done up to the base, and then start over. Since I don't have to paint any camouflage on these guys I should be able to make speedy progress as it is basically rinse, repeat :) I'm really curious to see if I can still do it, but I think it will be like riding a bike. You might be a bit sore in the beginning, but you soon get the hang of it again :) I'm not sure though if I want to keep my current technique (sort of mix between Dallimore and bledning) or go full on for one of both styles. We'll see.