donderdag 30 juli 2015

A tale of ash and fire.

I've just managed to trade my second Ju-52 this week. I managed to bag 2 unused Italeri ones, 1 civil and 1 military, so now all I am hunting for is a set of military decals for the civil Ju-52. And all of this cost me a Me-110 and a Yak-40, both were unlikely to be ever built in my lifetime :D

So, why do I need 2 Ju-52's?

Well, here's a hint :)

Long term project, don't expect to see any progress on it soon. In fact, the F-117 is my testcase for making a burned wreck as it is considerably smaller and easier to manipulate then the Ju-52's. The Ju-52 wrecks will do double duty for my future Early War Germans (possibly even paratroopers) as well as a Mid to Late War airfield.

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