vrijdag 31 juli 2015

Cavalier Mustang, the start.

In the last few weeks I've traded some of my own kits for parts needed for this build, and retrieved the most suitable P-51 kit I had from the attic. More importantly, I managed to refind my bag of wall plugs that are vital to my aircraft stand so now I can start converting aircraft again (oh yes, there will be more).

The humble beginnings:
Academy P-51D (without the fillet in the tail...so be it), Hasegawa Aircraft Weapons Set 1 for bombs or rocket pods and the Academy A-37B Dragonfly purely for the wingtiptanks and the rocket pods/napalm bombs. I'm thinking Napalm on stations 3 and 4, and rocket pods for 2 and 5 stations, and possibly SUU-14A dispeners on the outer stations (clustermunitions) or small bombs, not sure yet. It's not supposed to be realistic anyway  :grin:

Tomorrow night I'll start the fuselage with the flight stand plug. Some Milliput will be involved to get it all to fit and stay in place. A magnet will be used for the nose  for the prop to spin freely (and come off the aircraft for transport)

FFW to today :P

Wife decided we needed some quality time and so we hit an Italian tonight. Nice to have a chat without having to worry about the kids for once. She went to bed, and I went into the hobbyroom, so had to rush things a bit as my time is very limited. Installed the plug, trimmed the wings, fitted the tanks (keeping the winglets btw), magnetised the prop, closed the wheelbays.

(yes, my hobby room has purple walls. Don't ask, this used to be the wifes hobby room before we met and she likes vibrant colours)
Hardly any gaps to fill, so next week time for some fine sanding and adding milliput to strenghten and fix the plug in place, laminate the inside of the plug and add the magnet and fill in the wheelwells cause the covers sagged a bit inward. Install the hardpoints, let her dry and then she should be ready for primer.

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