donderdag 16 juli 2015

Mission status: Undecided.

Depending on whether you are a half glass empty of half glass full type of guy, yesterdays clean up was a succes/failure.


Well, I wanted to start at 12.00 This became 14:00 because Kim asked me to sit with her in a meeting with her case manager at 12:15, and then then do grocery shopping, picking up medication and we had lunch together and talked about the plans for the day. So, at 14:00 I started, 15 minutes later Kim comes up to me and says she wants to take a nap, if I could be quiet. I had justed started to move stuff in the master bedroom, sorted on sell, keep and trash as to not to block the hallway. 30 minutes later I turn on the PC (and I know I should not have done that) for a little soft music. 15 minutes later the doorbell rings, someone to see Kim for her check up. So I wake up Kim, serve tea and water and listen for 15 minutes before going up again. By now it is almost 15:45 and I managed to clear 4 feet. Jay.

And like that, my concentration broke and didn't return till after dinner and dropping off Kim at the hospital around 19:00. I managed to do another metre or so, found out I have a stack of GW stuff on hand for the future. Scary stuff, a lot is still in shrinkwrap!

I then removed the trash (1 big box of papers and smaller boxes plus a carrier bag of waste plastic), and started to take the big pile of empty boxes up to the attic, and after that the big pile of kits that I want to keep, and then I did something wrong. While putting the lot down I felt a sharp pain in my back and from there on it really hurt, so I sat myself behind the pc with some painkillers to take it easy. This morning it still hurt like hell so I informed my work I was going to see the doc. I can sit up straight like normal, but as soon as I want to ift something pain shoots up my spine. And in a job that involves a lot of lifting...... Doc was kind enough to give me some stronger painkillers and a something to relax my muscles. Problem is that it comes with a big health warning not to operate heavy machinery or drive a car. So called my boss and told him I would not come in to work today (which apparently is causing all sorts of problems right now as we have a ISO check coming up). The relaxant is making me feel a bit like yello though, and the painkillers are doing a good job, so I'm thinking of going back to work tomorrow sans the relaxant and see how far I can get. I can take them again this weekend.

So, thus ended my cleaning spree, and it turned out to be a bit of a dissappointment. I wished I could have done more, I know I could have done more but I made a goof first effort. And as you can see, the area behind and beside my desk is clean now.

Heck, I've even vacuumed (after making sure no valuable bits were lying on the floor)

The area beside my desk is also cleaned, but there are stacks of GW and other stuff that need to be listed for sale.

So, lessons learned?

  • When we say you need to turn off the pc we really mean turn off the pc!
  • If you want music plug in your phone and go to youtube.
  • You can work for 2 hours max. Take a 10 min break after an hour to clear your head.
  • As much as I keep saying 1 hour a day won't get things done, I am actually wrong. Even half an hour a day each day adds up. With the main clutter sorted I should be able to make more progress and faster (if I stick to the program)
  • Man, I have a lot of stuff. And it is all so distracting. I could do this, I could do that.....
  • Putting all of my stuff into the attic isn't the answer, but for now the best solution.
  • Take down 1 box, list it, sell it, if it hasn't sold in a month (despite discounts) pack it up again and try to sell it at a later date. Repeat with new box.
Now, to take another one of those happy pills :)

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  1. Sounds like "Hexenschuss" (I´ve forgotton what it´s called in english).. basically the pre-warning to a damaged disc..which I ignored until my back went entirely bad. Painkillers won´t solve the Problem, ease the pain ok but I found heat is a good one, (I´ve had everything from deep lumbar injections to forced spinal Manipulation..all good "fun" ) A warm water bottle over the area and gentle movement. No sharp moves and lift from the knees.

    PS..I´m still looking for the mesh.

    1. I've got an old sporting injury from my years as a coxswain on a 8 and 4, college level. It just comes and goes, usually (obviuosly) when I lift the wrong way and my body says "bad man!". Warm water does help idd. Lying down and taking it easy does not, it completely locks up and the pain when getting up is enough to make me break a sweat. No hurry on the mesh mate :)

  2. I injured my back last year squatting down to grab my lunch out of the bottom of the fridge. Obviously this was a repetitive strain issue and a straw finally broke my back. I've found physio therapy to be VERY helpful. Especially as they end up working towards your old injuries and strengthening what has been lost. I really can't recommend one enough.

    Great work on the clean up. It is amazing what an hour or so can achieve. Often it's surprising what you find, who need to buy new stuff when you find things you forget you had. Hope you sales go well.

    1. Thx Dave, for now, paying attention to how I bend (preferably by sitting down first and then lifting with my legs instead of quick, easy and painful. I've got an aunt who's a chiropractor, maybe it is time to pay a visit.

      Yes, 2 days in I can actually appreciate it more, it wasn't a whole lot but opening up the front makes the rest seem like less work. And I actually managed to get some hobby time in after I shut down the pc and grabbed my tools :)

  3. Hope the back feels better! I have chronic pain with mine from an incident in winter where I fell off an icy roof of a house that was on fire, and then also injured it on another fire when I had a ceiling roof collapse on's no fun.

    Well done on all the cleaning! I just cleaned my workspace yesterday, and it does motivate a lot!

    1. You are either a firefighter of fire doesn't like you? Thx, but I'm not there just yet!