zaterdag 25 juli 2015

Thank God it's Friday!

Ah, the end of the week, when I go to the big city and to the club to .... do stuff :) Not today, the company has a ISO audit next week so I had to work overtime to get my part of the company spik en span (as we say in Holland). Which was actually rather nice, being a one man department the rest of the people in my area left for home at 17:30 and I was left to my own devices and got so much work done with no one bothering me every 5 minutes. I had to stop though when I ran out of crates to put receiving goods in and finished all of my emails, but for a change it was easy to ask questions to our mothership in the USA cause they just started their day.

So, no club tonight. Well, there is always next week :)

I was greeted by a big A4 envelope with one of my trades, a 1/72 A-73 Dragonfly (which I traded for a old Zero). I was very pleased to see sprues still in their original packaging (always a plus) and seeing my thoughts confirmed, plenty of hardpoints, a few nice napalm canisters and plenty of other rocketpods, tubes and bombs. This means I can start work on the Cavalier very soon!

One problem though, I still had not found or had a clue where my flight stand connectors were. FFW to a chat with Chris Steadman this earlier this evening in which I mention that, and <ping> that they are probably in my box of flightstands. And lo and behold, my bag of connectors :) Much to my relief! I've had quite a few projects on hold cause I just could not find them, so they are all getting the green light now :)

On Thursday, I took a small detour after work to go to Den Bosch and check out some items I wanted for painting and modelling. I've been spending some time now looking at tutorials on cracked earth bases and I find them very interesting for future builds of difficult ground etc for Afrika, Pulp and Moderns. I was less charmed by spending 3,75 euro on a pot of 17ml precoloured GW paint though. So, down to the art supply store I went, grabbed a few packs of waxed paper palettes (10 sheets for 25ct a pack, and always handy) and lo and behold, I can't find the crackle medium anywhere :D Turns out it was in the fabric paints section....beat my logic as I don't see how that will stick to a T-shirt?. Anyway, a pot of 50mm clear, viscous liquid, 50ml, set me back 4,75 euros. So there GW!

So now I can choose any Vallejo colour I want (likely Iraqi Sand or a tone or two darker) and make it crackle....well, that is the idea anyway. I'll do a test soon and report back on the results :)

While I was in Den Bosch anyway I thought I'd better pass by Toemen hobbyshop as well. Turns out I have not been there for a long time (longer then a year, or maybe even 2 years?), and it was full of drones and RC cars. When I went to the back, (were the kits are, or so I thought) I was greeted by a wall of drone and RC car parts :( All that seemed to be left was about half a metre of balsa, brass tubing and veneer. There were quite a few staff around ( I counted the owner and 4 kids half my age) but they were all too busy listening to people with complaints about their drones. So I just selected some brass thick wire, aluminium rod sizes that fitted over each other and a stack of plasticcard. They had stuck the rods together with cellowtape and I only wanted one each, so asked the youn man behind the counter if he could remove one each. He first tried to push one of the tubes out of the collection (there were only 5 tubes per size) and wen that didn't work he cut the cellowtape on one end, and not the other, and tried to pry it from the set. bending it :(. Ï'm sorry, I bent it, is that a problem?" <facepalm> Yes, that's a problem. He then cut the other side as well and removed one unbent tube, repeating the process with the other ones. None of the tubes had prices on them, so he took an Ipad and looked at the shops inventory by going to their own shop page (they are not on it). After a while, when he could not find them, he asked a colleague about the prices. And another one. And another one. You see, there is no price list next to the rack, so you are buying blind. I know they should sell for 1.50 to 2 euros depending on which shop you buy them. But none of them managed to find it ( I bet they could talk hours and hours about drones though) so in the end they turned to the boss who just grasped the lot out of their hands, entered some numbers on the register and asked me Pinnen? (Card?). The amount was less then I had thought it would be so ok, i paid, he stuffed it in a bag with a big multipage drone advertisement and walked away. No comms what so ever. So next time......well, will there be a next time? They don't sell what I want, I can get tubing mailed to my home for less then what it cost me in fuel and....well, that is it really. Bad service. Maybe I didn't spend enough, he had a bad day, who knows.

Anyway, I have enough rods to get started on making landing gear for the various space ships I'm working on, though these will only work for the smaller ones I think. For the bigger ones I will just canabalise some 1/32 and 1/48 aircraft kits I have in my bits boxes in the attic.

Finally, my colour inks for my printer arrived. They had been good as dry for almost a year now and I plan to make quite a few colour prints soon for roadsigns and nameplates for buildings, plus I want to print another paint motivating poster :)

So, happy days are coming :)

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