maandag 13 juli 2015

You never know what will happen the next day

I'm running on my last reserves at the moment. I've had a long weekend with ups and downs, which in short involved the following:

- seeing the woman I love doped up to the gills and a bandaged arm and being told I can't take her home because of it, then getting a phonecall from her on saturday that she is ready to go home and at the busstation waiting for the bus home. And she doesn't have the key. I was enroute to pick up our kids at my parents place so I asked a mutual friend to pick her up. Only to get a call a hour or so later from her informing me Kim wasn't released, but actually ran away from open ward she was moved into.
- upon receiving said phonecall I told my parents, my brother and his kids that I wasn't feeling to well, explained the siyuation again and mom took me upstairs to the guestroom to get some rest cause I was looking a little pale. Then scared the bejesus out of me when she and my brothers kids stood next to the bed at around 21:00, with lots of apolagies, but the kids needed to go to bed now. I managed to sleep four hours just like that. Since all the beds were now taken I got an old field stretcher and propmptly fell asleep again, only to wake up at around 10 in the morning by sound of kids laughing and chatting at the diner table, with my kids being served by my brothers kids. Sadly, the bed hasn't done wonders for my back and it is now killing me :( That and all the extra sleep means that now, at 0:00 midnight, I'm sitting here like it's 5 o clock in the afternoon, wide awake.
-at the clubnight, Mark surprised me with his Space Wolf dropship of which later more, and I also managed to get some nice AM parts of a fellow clubmate who'se name keeps slipping from my head.
- and I got loads of hugs from both my girls and that sure brightend up my day more then anything else.

Ok, maybe not so short.

Back to the hobby. It is a great way to take my mind off things, all my worries are gone a few hours a week when I'm working on new or old stuff or just taking notes or making sketches. Since Mark had told me he would be giving me the Stormwolf, I had been going over the model in my head to see what needed to be removed to make it suitable for 20mm and 28mm. Seperate cockpit, changing the wings, landinggear, open cargodoor, stuff like that.

So, friday comes, and Mark hands me a big bag of bits from it plus a fully built kit with all the bells and whistles, built just like the one you see on the box. Some ooh's and ah's around me I hear, then I break out the knife and pliers and start removing bits, seeing some faces turn to sheer horror :D This is after all a 67euro kit I'm ripping apart! In no time I have removed the big wings, the small wings, all of the Space Wolf regalia other then the big head on the bowsides and those useless little winglets on the engines. I then started to carefully remove both gunmounts to reveal the insides, and while adding pressure on the knife, pointing away from me and most other clubmembers, the underside caves in. Ok, looks bad, but actually revealed the loading ramp to have little to no glue, so I managed to cleanly remove it, and the gunmounts (the manager asked if he could have the Melta gun mounts so I passed those along), leaving a very stripped down and much sleeker looking dropship. I then set to work on the cockpit and I might have been better off not doing that.

You see, my original idea was to remove all of the extra panelling around it, remove the glass, buy a second cockpit canopy, magnetise both and clamp on the 28mm one when I want to use it for Inquisitor, and the 20mm one when I want to use it for 20mm. The top part stripped away nicely, but the lower part was properly glued and try as I might, i just won't come off. So I changed my plan. I was going to paint the glass on both cockpits anyway, so my plan is now to armour this one up and leave a vision slit and leave it at that. Works for both scales.

What doesn't work for both scales is the size of the doors. Dear lord, a 20mm fig fits that (barely) how do they expect a 28mm fig, and then one wearing powered armour and a nuclear reactor strapped to his back, to pass through it? Headfirst? And this thing is supposed to fit 16 of them? I have a great imagination but even that has realistic limits! Delving into my bits box I found a few sets of Rhino doors, so I tried the ladder and non ladder version and decided to put on the ladderless version. I'm also liking the aft frost cannon a lot, it has a nice sci-fi feeling, or will be when I fill in those blasted runes. There are some more on the engine pods. Bit of wetted down millip[ut should do the job for those.

For the landing gear I will plunder my aircraft kit bits boxes for suitable stuff, I will give it 2 feet at the front, and 1 bigger foot at the rear to keep it balanced and in keeping with the panel plates on the underside, and the need to remove the big cross opening in the ass where the ludicrous GW flightstand goes.

Things to do nex are:
  • take some fine sandpaper to clean up where I removed bits from the hull, fill in the gaps and runes with Milliput and then sand some more.
  • replate the cockpit
  • build a undercarriage
  • put in the doors
  • find a way to magnetise the loading ramp (Google should be my friend I think)
  • Find a twin Heavy Bolter turret off a Razorback. Heck, find a complete Razorback for parts and use both turrets for the dropship.
  • Drill a hole for the new flightstand in the correct centre of gravity.
  • Fill in the ends of the engines. Christ, even the cheapest plastic kits have endcaps so you don't look inside the kit!
  • Paint the damn thing this year!
And here she is as it is now:

Much sleeker, much better, and 100% more in line with the idea I have for it.

Then again, if you turn it upside down, it becomes a even more interesting ship....but that is beyond my resources and plans so I'll pass.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing what you get up to with that drop ship, but sorry for you real life troubles. I hope it comes to a better conclusion soon.

    1. Yes, I'm enjoying it sofar. Kim's situation, not so much. She has a trial day today, I will only see her for an hour or so when I get back home, fingers crossed all will go well.

  2. I wonder what you have done to get such bad karma mate (not that I belive in it), as there seems no end to your troubles.
    I can only wish you and your family the best and hope everything will get better soon, but as I have done so a few times before I doubt it will help much :(.
    Anyway, I would have loved to see the faces of your friends who gave you the kit when you started chopping it up :D.
    Are you going to remove the wolf head too, I think it looks rather good though, a bit like the Witcher in space ;). Which might fit in with your Inquisition force.

    1. Bad karma? This morning I found out the lock to our garden had been (badly) forced so I spent a nice part of the hour fixing it by putting in a lock from another door, only to find out (after I put it in and tightend all of the nuts and bolts) it only worked from one side....the inside. At least Kim's trial day went without a problem, and she will have another one on wednesday in a empty house to see how she copes with that.

      No, the wolf head stays, I like it, it is a good piece and will give character to the ship. We'll see how that turns out though..... :)

    2. Forced, as in burglary?
      Good luck over there pal!

    3. Attempted. Oh well, when it rains, it pours :)