vrijdag 4 september 2015

Knock, knock!

Final day of my holiday, loads of chores have been done in and around the house so I've now started on my desk and sorting stuff to be sold so I have money for the Crisis show. But that is not where todays post is about :)

Knock, knock?

As I was working on my Deltas I found that I have only 1 guy with a shot gun and too many 203's, so lacking a bit in breachers. My first response was to post on the Guild asking for info on 20mm scale shotguns suitable for the task so I could add 1 or 2 on a sling. Well, there are none. Then in comes Leigh noting that during operation Gothic Serpent they used Ceiner under barrel shotguns! Top tip!

Some Googling produced the following blog post from a airsofter: Ciener Ultimate Under/Over Shotgun System

The Ciener Ultimate Under / Over Shotgun System

A recent discussion regarding the Masterkey shotgun system on one of the airsoft forums has prompted me to write this article on one of its competitors.  Back in the 90’s Ciener offered a method of mounting an M870 shotgun to Colt Commando carbines. The applications for this sort of combination within special operation forces are obvious, having a shotgun for entry purposes without having to sacrifice ranged firepower in the small teams that they usually operate being an attractive proposition. The Knights Armament Masterkey system also allowed an M870 shotgun to be mounted to AR15 variants using a modified version of their M203 Grenade Launcher mount, ultimately making the shotgun quicker to remove.
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The Ciener Shotgun System:

The Knights Armament Masterkey:
The Knights system proved to be more successful, though the widespread use of under barrel shotguns has not occurred.  However, what makes the Ciener system interesting to anyone that has more than a passing interest in 90’s US Forces was its use in Somalia during 1993. The photographs below show a Delta Force operator during Operation Gothic Serpent, clearly showing an M653 Carbine with Ciener M870 mounted under the barrel.
 The same weapon can be seen carried by one of the guys on this MH-6 little bird.
The weapons and equipment used by the various forces that made up task force ranger is varied and interesting. The movie Black Hawk down somewhat simplified a lot of this, which is a shame for a gear nut like myself, but is inevitable in the creation of such a movie.

This would be a very simple conversion to do at home for paintball or airsoft games, as the attachment is at the bayonet lug and front receiver pin, rather than using a barrel mount like the masterkey system.  A home made solution knocked up from some scrap aluminium would be perfectly acceptable as there is little load in this sort of application.
 Very useful post for me. I can and will convert 2 surplus M203 gunners into Ceiner Ultimates to further expand my Delta options. Some sanding,2 pieces of brass wire and a teeny bit of sculpting should do the trick. Excellent, next!

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