zondag 27 september 2015

Sci-Fi scrap

Progress report on the scrapyard. Been plundering my bits box for these but I'm not going to add loads of stuff, keep em simple and get them done I say. Somewhere this week I will add cabling and finish off the remaining 2. I've added a 28mm figure and a 20mm figure for reference (Kromlech Ork Pilot and Elhiem Contractor/SF sniper)

01 aka Cone - added some parts, has a hole on the other side that is begging for a cable.

02 (Nameless) - didn't seal properly while drying due to 2 huge sinkmarks. Will cover that part with a tarp.

03 aka Big Rig - had to scratch in some details and cover a few holes. Need to fill one more hole (in the back, so you can't see it).

04 aka Pod - Ready for primer.

05 aka Big One and 06 aka Sensor need more work so won't bother you with pics yet

07 and 08 (Sat 1 and 2) - Both ready for primer, I can build a flat parachute at a later date.

I'm now going to enjoy a long and stressfree sunday, I'll get back to these on monday :)

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  1. Reacties
    1. Yes, watched a movie while cobbling these together instead of endless distractions from surfing. Worked pretty well, will do that more often. Free tip :)

  2. Excellent work, any idea what kind of colourscheme these are going to get?
    The two modules which are standing up will make some great scifi terrain, as they can easily resemble a water-condesor, communications tower, part of an energy field, containers from factory or parts of bigger machines.
    I'm really curious how you will handle the parachutes.

    1. Worn white with faded blue I think, and the occasional highlight. I've used smaller bases so they fit in nicely (or on top of) my normal Middle East buildings to combine them with my future sci-fi buildings. Parachute is easy, cut one out of paper, attatch a few strings, fold, cover with watered down pva and make sure you fold it in the right places. Sounds like no problems.....in theory!