zondag 13 september 2015

Take the blue pill, take the red pill

Well, that was an eventful week.

Deleted long bit of text so not to bore you, but the end result is that I'm sick as a dog, but did get my contract renewed for another 8 months and got a payraise!

Leasson learned? I think I took the wrong pill :) I seriously need to start to conserve energy during the week so going to bed earlier is a very smart thing to do.

But how was the week hobby wise?

  • Well, a package was delivered at work with Liberations figs I bought 3 months ago. Long declared missing, I had given up on them. Very nice :) Pity 3 others are still missing though :(
  • I've decided to join a nationwide 28mm AWI project on FB . The plan is to have several big battles next year August/September right here in Holland. My focus will be on militia and I'm looking forward to the challenge (well, I was on a happy high this week, so...) and I'm already looking around for second hand stuff.
  • Was I in for a treat on the LAF this week. Remember all of the individually based pieces of trash and scrap I have? Well, 1 poster (Dr. De'ath) over at the LAF upped me by a mile and madea fine scrapyard. He does a topic on his 15mm sci-fi city of Sandport, which you can find here > Sandport. A whopping 27 pages now in which he details his buildings. He's the reason I picked up my bluefoam buildings again and started making my own doors.

  • Speaking of my own doors, the guy I sent it too sent me a pic of the progress he made on casting them. I've asked for 4 of each and I've given him the production rights. I hope other people will use it for their own projects, albeit 20mm sci-gamers are rare as hens teeth (I know of only 1 in the Netherlands besides me).

  •  After seeing Dr. De'aths version of the scrapyard I decided I needed more sci-fi looking scrap for it. A short lived post on the Oude Dozen kit trading FB group (the seller didn't give any prices which means delete in 1-2-3....) showed a stack of kits in which I could see a Airfix Walrus flying boat (that I want for VBCW) and a 1/144 Mir space station kit. As it turned out the seller was in Tilburg and had no trouble with making a pick up on friday before I went to Modhail, and traded it with me for a 1/48 German bomber I had lying around. The scrap will work fine for 28mm as well (as well as 15mm if I still did that) and the 2 small capsules will make nice sattelite objectives. And scrap, of course.
  • My first meetup for ages with Modhail was only for a few hours, in which we talked a bit but mostly went our individual ways modelling and asking/looking for advice. I managed to magnetise all 4 Doomwheels and the first 2 sets of weapons (Missile and Autocannon) so now only 8 sets more to go. More about these soon, and I'm looking forward to the next meet up 2 weeks from now.
  • My desk still isn't clean, but what is on my desk is all sorted so just a matter of brushing into the correct boxes. There is a half a metre pile of stuff next to my desk that needs to be sold, plus more Epic stuff as I want my Crisis budget to be as big as possible (anything not spent will go straight into my bankaccount and no, this does not equal a free pass at binge buying....only for running projects! And 4 out of the 8 running projects don't need anything at all :) I hope to have the desk finished asap.
  • Ducosim is coming up next weekend, and with that the gathering of the Dutch Inquisimunda team and their demogames (3 planned for the day). I will be there with my conversions and to look at other peoples games and to trade some stuff with a few other gamers. If there is a stand with magic deck protectors I will pick up 2 coloured sets of those for my Pulp Alley cards to keep them safe.
  • Malebolgia (a huge Pulp Alley fan from the North of Holland) has offered his help with making counters for my Pulp Alley collection, Indiana Jones style, so I can print those off and laminate them. Very happy about this. Must send him some stuff for his services.
Thats it for now. Splitting headache, back to bed......

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  1. Good to hear that you have been keeping busy. Been packing up a bunch of my stuff for storage and dealing with my pups failing health combined with work has been killing my hobby time.
    Looking forward to seeing what you and Modhail have been working on. And to see what the Inquisimunda crew has in store.

    1. I'll be sure to take plenty of pictures for you to feast on :) Best of luck with the pups.

  2. Congratulations with Your renewed contract and payraise.
    Also, seems you still have your hands full with many projects :).
    Shame I missed Ducosim, I had planned on going this year.