woensdag 21 oktober 2015

3mm; where to start

Having sold off almost all of my 6mm stuff now, I've been eyeing 3mm ever since O8 came out with their first sculpts several years ago. I know I can paint small good and fast, and I like how little space you need to game with them, having done a demo or 2 over the years and after having read many, many battlereports. It is also very cheap and it is perfect for scratchbuilding.

Here's the thing. I have a Cold War 1980 Dutch Army, painted all of the vehicles but got burned out by the time I got to the troops. In all those years since painting them I played 2 whole games with them, both on very large tables that would be impossible to fit in my house or the clubs I frequent. I've been asked to play another game in December and I turned that down, I just don't see the fun atm in carrying the lot, stuffing a table full of scenery and spending the next 5-6 hours there.

Since I rolled back in the hobby a few months ago I've gone over to the skirmish side of things. tables no bigger then 120x120cm's, limited but good quality scenery and a low miniature/vehicle count. Quicker to paint, easier to set up, and less painful for the wallet. Battlegroup with D6+2 officers is my new max so to speak. Frostgrave, Black Ops, that sort of thing.

But large battles still attract me, just in a much smaller scale and a much shorter timeframe.

So, here is my idea. I want to copy my Dutch army in 3mm. Tanks, artillery, APC's. I prefer to stick to 1 tank = 1 tank, but I'm not hung up on it. I like modelling command bases and rear area assets. Basically Battlegroup, but Modern and in 3mm.

So, at Crisis, I will be pre ordering some packs of 3mm stuff. Not too much, I've limited myself to just  copying what I have in 20mm.

I'll discuss with Piers what direction Battlegroup Moderns will take. It has no basing standard so I can do as I please. In the meantime, it would be nice to have a existing rulesset to keep me busy.

And I know what you are thinking, not another project :) Well, this one has been on and off in my head for a long time, and this Crisis seems to be right occasion. And since the Renedra order is cancelled for now, this just about funds it.

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  1. Hmm, that's a nice way to have larger battles without taking over the living room and get more use out of a skirmish-size table as well. Tiny little stuff though, I'm not sure I could manage painting hordes of infantry at that scale (then again, find a period or setting that grabs my interest and I'll try anything, really...)

    1. Don't worry Erik, I'm not expecting you to join up. Evin wants to copy his 20mm Russians to 3mm as well but I've told him to wait untill I have finished a fair few. No point in more then one person ending with a dead project I think. They should not be too hard to paint for you, you are used to painting space ships, remember, same level of detail. And I'm not sure any period WW2 or later grabs your fancy? I've always held you more of a Fantasy man :)