zondag 25 oktober 2015

Basic 5 for Sander finished!

While the little ones were sleeping today I built number 4, and tonight I built number 5. Nr 4 is a well-to-do house, 2 story, with a fancy entrance and a backexit. It comes with a loose dome (not in the pictures, only in the group shot at the end).

Building nr 5 I did just now, also a 1-2 story with a terrace, but this time the door is sunk to terrace level instead with 1-2 steps down....I must say I like it this way. Fits with the crazy DIY acrhitecture.

And here is the group combined, randomly thrown together :)

If I have the time, I'll sand down the lot tomorrow, clean up the edges, add doorknobs and metalwork, do the stucco and the first coat of Gesso on the roofs. Later that week another coat and sanding and then they are done more then a week before schedule, and with that I have finished the 2nd sheets of 12 sheets of blue foam that I have. Which is good, cause my trip through the DIY earlier this week failed to turn up any sheets at all where I last saw them, all replaced with green paper pulp like sheets....useless for my needs. So I better make these count :)

Now if you don't mind, I'm going to enjoy that extra hour of sleep :)

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    1. Hehe. Stuccoed your stuff tonight, final workings tomorrow, pics somewhere this week.