donderdag 8 oktober 2015

Conquering the Lead Mountain Challenge - kinda sorta didn't go quite as planned. Neither did my latest order!

I mean, I managed to keep my spending in check (also because I don't really have a choice in that matter) and my Lead Mountain has decreased due to selling, trading and even giving away stuff. So thats a plus.

I think I'm just not ready to paint yet, I've been spending a lot of time looking after Kim and the kids, so much so that I've neglected myself a bit. What I do feel like is gives me so much pleasure.

Is this bad? I think not. I enjoyed the challenge (it is not over yet btw) and look forward to joining up again next year cause it really makes you think about what you want to get out of your hobby stuff, and it is nice to go through old projects again and ressurecting them again. I am at -1 Joker now and after Crisis I'll end up around -7 I think :D But that will be the last spending I do for some time to come, that is for sure.

But...... there is always the lure of new things, and something new arrived today!

5 days ago, I bought some 3D printed building bits in the USA from Horizon Creation 3D as reported here. And they are here already! My fastest USA to NL shipment I have ever had, that's for sure.

Postage cost was a surprise. After discount, I paid 30 dollars for the order including 8 dollars postage. Postage sticker said 10.20 dollars. So he lost a bit of margin there, on top of his discount, so now it feels really generous, even if the package weighs next to nothing.

So, what is in the brown wrapper?

Well, this:

And then we run into a problem. I thought I had ordered 50mm tall, 20mm wide shutters, but I see 2 packs of 50mm wide and 20mm tall shutters. Big oops! I need the thin width ones for the narrow processor columns I have planned, so I sent him a message to see how we can resolve this. At times like these I feel my English skill is lacking :\

The windows with shutters look great though, very, very useful, so I'm quite happy with them. I see only very minor blemishes that can easily be cleaned up with the tip of a sharp scalpel. The Obelisk too is lovely, though the printing lines show much clearer, you can feel the (very fine) ridges. I'm confident some fine sanding paper will trim those down and will create a fine base to work from. I will report back on that later.

As a bonus he added 2 shutterless windows and 2 barrels. Again the fine lines, but nothing too noticable unless you run a fingernail over them. And they should sand away nicely too.


Just got a reply from Horizon Creation 3D, after sending him the wording and the pic I used for the order on Facebook, and with no hassle what so ever, I will receive replacement parts in the mail asap. Now that is what I call service! Shops with a FB page make communication so much easier, and if I stay up late enough I can even chat with people in the States.

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  1. I am way behind on my painting schedule for the challenge as well, though my last joker has been send and just increased the lead pile.
    Good to see you are making progress though.
    The stuff looks really good and I'm happy to hear the seller providers such a good service. I look forward to see how you will use these columns and schutters.