zaterdag 10 oktober 2015

First Contact: Frostgrave

Today I took a day off from family life and took a nice trainride to Utrecht, to play a Frostgrave demo hosted by Jan-Willem van der Pijl in the very nice Subcultures store (I'm very impressed, I've never seen a gamesstore with such a unique way of presenting items, old cupboards and cases bolted to the wall at crooked angles! And stair steps made from small tables! Definately unique)

The demo table way set right in front of the shop window, and it was quite busy on the street, with plenty of people having a peek through the glass. Eventually, some even came in to play the demo. Oh, and there was cake (though I chose have none, I'm on a diet thank you very much)

Unlike your average Warhammer or AoS table, this table was chock a block full of scenery, bringing back memories of Mordheim.

Scenery came from various sources, some was hand made from scrap foam and bits of wood, others from Games Workshop, even cast off Christmas decorations and 10 cent trees from Hong Kong. The large central temple complex was actually 4 aquarium pieces based together as one. Some bits spanning back as far as 25 years (correct me if I'm wrong Jan-Willem) so it shows you should never get rid of good scenery!

As this was a introductory game, bookkeeping wasn't too strict and I was handed a collection of 8-12 level spells from various schools. Explanations were kept to a minimum, mostly because I have spent the last few months reading up battlereports and even seeing a few on Yotube, so I had a vague idea of what to do.

As it turned out, my actions managed to summon more monsters then any of Jan-Willems previous games as I continually rolled high. Highlight of the match for me was rolling a natural 20 while casting a elemental ball aimed at his apprentice, vaporising him instantly and killing 1 thug and wounding another thug in the blast. This also made me realise you have to keep your wizard and apprentice safe as when you lose them it really handicaps your team by losing the initiative.

Jan-Willem explains this really well on his own Blog.

His imposed timelimit made the game fast and deadly, get the treasure and get out fast instead of the killing matches I was used to in Mordheim.

In the end I managed to get out with 3 treasure counters. Cue fat lady.

My team was all Viking/Arthurian inspired while his was more Renaissance. In Frostgrave, anything goes! (the green counter was a reminder that I had cast a Shield spell on that chap. If I take a wizard that takes the shield spell I will just base up 1 or 2 ethereal shield to use as counters in the game as it looks better then a giant glass bead). Safe to say, I love this game, I really do :)

Sadly Mo! could not make it today due to family obligations, so I had some time to kill in the store after the game by chatting with Jan-Willem about the rules and spending some money at the store (the least I could do as they gave us the space to do the demo in). I walked away with the following:

The Vallejo air metal collection that I had planned to buy at Crisis (Steel, Gungrey and Black), some extra 25mm bases as my collection of lasercut ones has been depleted and a old blister of Kromlech jewels, varying from small to large. I intend to use a few of the smaller ones to make treasure bases for Frostgrave / Mordheim and use the bigger ones for graves probably.

After this we started another game, but having barely started our first turn new people turned up and I gladly gave away my seat so they could play. During that game I noticed most of the rules had already stuck in my head and I knew 9 out of 10 times what and how to roll. For me, thats pretty amazing, so it shows what a easy to pick up game this is.

I thanked Jan-Willem for a lovely day and went back home in time to tuck in my kids :)

Tomorrow evening I'll go over my Mordheim collection to see what is useful in that box. I already had a good chat with Modhail yesterday evening about Frotgate and our possible plans, but for him it is easy, he has loads of painted miniatures to choose from :D We will see where this goes.

Oh, and what did I do last nights hobbynight at Modhails place? Well, I have promised Sander to make him some 20mm Middle East houses to thank him for all his help and bits he sent me recently, and he asked for 5 houses; 2 small single story ones, 2 1-2 story houses and 1 2-story house. I pumped out these shells in under 90 minutes and being dry now, it is time for sanding, detailing and plastering.

But not tonight, tired, must sleep!

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  1. Sounds like a great time in Utrecht. Subcultures is indeed a unique shop and you forgot to tell they have an excellent assortment of miniature games, boardgames and cardgames as well as a sister-shop across the the canal which sells LARP and RPG stuff. The buildings look great but sleep is more important!

    Cheers Sander

  2. Nice setup! Frostgrave is popping up on many blogs, sometimes unexpected like in your case, and I have taken some serious interest in the game. I still have a lot of medieval unused miniatures which might fit in.

  3. Nice stuff... Even terzijde... ik heb een zakje met (waarschijnlijk) een hondertal van die Renedra bases (van mijn dozen met Perry DAK en Desert Rats, dus ze zijn zandkleurig). Ik doe er niks mee, omdat ik op metalen washers base - interesse? Ik kan ze meenemen naar Crisis, ik hoef er niks voor terug.

    1. Thx Koen, dat wordt zeer gewaardeerd! Je kunt me vinden op de Plastic Soldier stand voor het merendeel van de dag :) Kan ik je echt nergens blij mee maken?

  4. Geen probleem, ik moest toch al voorbij de PSC stand ;-) Het zijn overigens 20mm bases die ik heb, niet 25mm, merkte ik gisteravond.