maandag 12 oktober 2015

Frostgrave on a budget

I'm keeping things very simple today.

I took out one of my 2 Punch and Die sets I bought at Crisis 2013 (and never used) for scratchbuilding to make a coin base. Well, thats almost 2 years of non use :\ Almost 55 euros a piece well spent <ahem>, but hey, I got some use out of it and the special hammer :D

After some hammering I punched out enough 0.5mm round "coins" to fill 20mm round base. I glued the first ones down with some strong glue, and the rest got stacked and glued with Revell contacta. I did it in between a few chats and videos, but in total it did not take too much time.

Cue crappy pic.
I'm sure it will look much better when painted :) (when I buy some gold paint that is (at Crisis))
I only used a very small fraction of plasticcard, so the cost was very low (if you ignore the punch and die cost :P ) for something that looks the part.

The second base was even cheaper. I've been looking at getting some bottles, but after paying shipping most of them end up in the 1-1,50 euro per bottle range, which is a bit rich for my tastes! While clearing a bag of bits I got from a friend, I put aside the scrap sprue bits, which included some resin scrap, and one of those scrap bits has a uncanny resemblance to ....a bottle.

Well, see for yourself.
Again a 20mm base, I only trimmed the mould line and the top bit down, but it is as is. Free bottle!

The punch and die set I used is a Steel Models one (2120 Round and 2119 Hexagon). I was a bit surpised to find spots of rust on it. Considering I always kept it in a dry location and had not used it before. I'll grab some gunoil tomorrow and give it a good cleaning on the rust spots to see if I can stop that. I also noticed the drill holes weren't all cleaned of cuttings, so I removed a few small coils of very sharp metal. Other then that it works like a treat, just slide in the plasticcard, press down, put in the die and punch it. A nice, if expensive, tool for any scratchbuilder who wants consistent round or hexagonal bits.

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