donderdag 22 oktober 2015

GZG Order. Excellent service as always.

My custom GZG order dropped on my mat yesterday. From the question, asked 10 days ago, to shipped 6 days ago is very good for a custom parts order in my book, excellent.

So, what did I get?

Well, a space freighter (338C) which I got just cause I want to paint one. I like painting merchants of any sort of game really. Good for scenarios.
(size reference is a 20mm Elhiem contractor sniper)

Casting is ok, both containers show a light mouldline and both have a bit of a hole in the same spot at the end, and one of them has a hole on the opposite side as well. Nothing that can't be fixed with some filler and sanding. I think you could use it as is without the engine pod, cause the back end looks good enough to paint as an exhaust. The engine pod I've never seen before (this is a newer model) but as soon as I had it in my hands it reminded me of some sort of sensor pod, mounted on a tank, to scan 360 degrees for threats. I just testfitted it to my Jagdpanzer 120mm Kanone to see if it works and it is a tad large but it feels alright. Gives me something to command the deck gun with, so I think this is a go. I'll ask Jon if it is available as a seperate part, else I will just order up more merchants next time.

Next is the Hornet Drone (fan type) V15-108 and showing the size against a 15 and a 20mm fig
2 fans on one cast, body, head and tri-barrel gun on the other and base seperate. Both fans (this set and the other one) have some pitting in the exact same area, a line down the middle of the fan bit, but nothing major. I like the base, but seeing as most of my stuff is coin based, a bit redundant for me, but it is a great thing for people who base on wood or plastic or want to use the metal base as is. Again hardly any mouldline, looking forward to building these drones.

Last is the sole reason for the order, the new Bulldog lift fans. Slighlty larger then I was expecting (which is odd as Jon supplied me with exact measurments) it seems I will not need 6 of these fans per APC but can stick with 4 per vehicle (keeping down costs is my motto). They are a special cast item, not normally available unless you ask for them, as goes for the tri track units.

4 fans, 4 caps/covers and 2 axles so to speak. On the left is the top side, on the right is the underside. A few more mouldlines then the other bits, but nothing that can't be sanded away in a few good strokes. I'm not sure if I will need to paint the fans first before slotting the cover on, or not bother with that and slap on the cover before basecoating. I will have to make new axles, maybe I can ask Jon to let those out next time. Jon charged me 3,50 Pounds per set for them. So roughly 5 euros worth of conversion stuff for one vehicle. Yes, that is ok for a sci-fi build.

And there you have it. A well cast, speedy order with great service from GZG. What more can a gamer ask for?

Now to finish up my Old Crow order ( got a voucher/email for free shipping and I can use some additional turrets and barrels for this project) and send off a email to Magister Militium for their Crisis deadline and how to order for that (I've noticed many shops don't have the option Pick Up so I tend to email them in advance if I have to make a order in the system or as a text in a email).

Edit: a reply from Jon within 10 minutes (and it is after midnight here), saying more engine bits is not a problem, and he'd like a picture of the pod problem, which I have just sent him (and I mentioned again it is not that big an issue)

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  1. These drones really look amazing, nice find!

    1. Would make nice air cover in 6mm, and great assasin drones in 28mm.