zaterdag 31 oktober 2015

It's a trap!

In Fallout, just running all over the place is likely to get you killed if you don't look at the floor often. Mines, boobytraps, the works. It would not be the first time I turn a dark corner running from a bigger critter only to hear beep, beep, BEEP <ah crap> BOOM! or have a shotgun go off in my face.

That keeps you on your toes though :)

So, I know have a small collection of landmines (the 13 items in the lower part of the picture) ready to be basecoated and quickly painted. Simple base, green mine, red trigger, done.
A while back (must have been July) I was swapping bits with a friend when he took out of his Ogres bits box and I noticed a bear trap. Turns out they use it as soms sort of a hand weapon, funny. And he had some spare. When I went looking around I found a couple more, so I ended up with 7 fists with bear traps and baer trap as is. The latter one is perfect, but the other ones are fine too once I had cut off the fingers and plastic bit. Sanded up some 25mm bases and stuck em on.
Modhail was kind enough to give me 2 lenghts of small chain, the one you see and a smaller one that I've put in my 20mm bits box. Drilled holes in the traps to add some brass wire to hold the chain, cut off various lengths of it and drilled the base to insert tips of toothpicks. I first used sateh sticks but being made of bamboo, they disintegrate when I cut them to size after glueing them to the base. Done 4 sofar, the ones in the back are next. Then to stick the chains down with gel superglue and a tad of liquid superglue in between the chains to keep em in place. Again, simple paintjob, base, metal, rust, finito.

Also managed to drill holes in the empty boots, just different sized drills bits and some time, ready for primer.

Also on the doormat today, 2 envelopes with LotR scenery :D
The columsn were free, I'm just supposed to pay postage though I'm still waiting for his account details. If I see him at Crisis I'll just buy him a beer :) The rest is 1 complete LotR scenery box that I got for 10 euros, which is a bargain seeing these sets go for 10-25 Pounds on Ebay.

A nice half hour of watching a Frostgrave battlereport on Youtube (I can reccomend them, easy to follow and helps me understand the rules plus great eyecandy and this particular chap (Guerrilla Miniature Games) does a lot more besides Frostgrave like other systems and reviews) and some basic cutting and glueing and I have amassed this amount of scatter scenery in the last month.
Mostly trades or just paid postage for unwanted stuff, I think I paid 25-ish in total for this. Looks like a lot but really isn't. I'll keep my eye out at Crisis for some bigger items to fill the table with and I'm hoping Modhail and/or Rob has some more kit to fill the table with.

Anyway, Happy Halloween you all. Nothing like that for me, Kim is away for the weekend so I'm living the single day life now....meaning a early rise tomorrow to feed the hive.

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