vrijdag 2 oktober 2015

No good deed goes unpunished

Is the saying, right?

Last month, I saw Black Tree Design were having a sale on Germans to celebrate the launch of their new website here and I had just received a refund for the missing German package, so decided to order almost the same stuff. Then a few days later, while we are ready to leave on our holiday, the car window motor breaks down and we are told it will cost 175 euros to repair it (later they quoted 475 euros...). I scrounged the money from everywhere I could find it around the house, and decided to cancel the outstanding order at BTD. Their reply was in less then a day, the money back in my account not a day later. And that was the end of it, or so I thought.

Last week I receive a email from BTD telling me my order had shipped. How odd. Maybe their new systems way of getting unfinished orders out of the system. Naively, I thought nothing of it, but I made sure to mention it to Kim just in case.

And then a package arrives, and Kim is asking questions, only to realise that this is the cancelled order. I don't open the box but send a email that evening telling BTD that there has been a mistake, I cannot afford these now, where can I ship them back to?

Their reply:
Hi Johan,

Thank you very much for letting us know. It was a silly mistake. We certainly appreciate your honesty.

Please keep the order with our complements :)  


p.s. I hope your car is fixed :)

Well, that had me speechless for a bit. It is a 30-ish Pound order, quite a bit of money for me. I've just sent them an email to thank them for their kindness and that no, the car is not fixed yet.

This means I have a full platoon (and then some) of Germans so the project is on again!

Buy Black Tree Design! Great Customer Service!

I've also made a to buy list for the Crisis show. Since money is very low right now (i've made some good sales but I'm waiting on a few payments) I've gone over the traders list with a fine comb to see what fits the themes for this year. This years themes are 28mm Graveyard and 28mm Merchants. Both span several games systems, the graveyard even spans multiple periods, so I'm getting the most out of my investment. I then culled the list down from roughly 175 euros to about 100 euros. I will also bring some spending money for the bring and buy and things that slipped past me while browsing the vendors listing. I'm also looking for a set of Vallejo Air metals.

I won't have too much time to spend money anyway though. Will from The Plastic Soldier Company contacted me last week and asked if I'd be willing to help out again with sales, and I said yes to that. As much as I like Crisis, for a autist like me (and quite a few normal people I know too) a day at Crisis means sensory overload. I wear out around 2 o'clock. When helping out Will however, I get a  short break in the afternoon to pick up pre orders and do a bit of sight- and shop seeing, and then I can work non stop till 5 with no problems. I've been in sales for solong, I still thoroughly enjoy it :) Heck, I even get paid to do something I like, though that money will be spent on some of his new releases and the Battlegroup Blitzkrieg book that I could not afford earlier in the year.

Which takes me to the last thing of the evening...well, night, it is already way past 12 again.

A friend of mine pointed out a new company to me, Horizon Creation 3D on Facebook here. They 3D print add ons for buildings and other stuff, are not that expensive but are sadly in the USA so shipping would be prohibitive, or so I thought. Turns out shipping starts at a very reasonable 7 dollars, and you add 50 cents per lot for shipping if you use Ebay. But, as he noted, he does sell directly too if you contact him on FB. Seeing he had a 20% off sale if you contacted him directly, and I had cut my Crisis order almost in half, I made a small order for 2 sets of tall vents, 2 sets of square vents and 2 obelisks to fullfill my 20mm scifi city needs and the obelisks being for the graveyard, but being scaleless, they will work for many, many things. Reply came withing 30 minutes, invoice in another 15 minutes, and I'm now looking forward to seeing my order in a few weeks time. It might even make it in time for my birthday, who knows.

(all pictures Copyright of Horizon Creation 3D. miniatures only for reference)

In case you got interested, here is a link to his Ebay page too:

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  1. I have found Black Tree design a bit hit and miss when it comes to filling orders. I have got stuff eventually, but sometimes after several emails asking where my figures are. They have always came through in the end though.

    Glad that hit and miss works the other way too sometimes :-)

    1. Well, I'm very happy they are wiping out the bad memories people had of trading with them a few years ago.

  2. What a nice company :) I'll check 'm out for models. I like good guys like that :)