zaterdag 24 oktober 2015

Number 3 of Sanders buildings; basic shell finished

Decided to not go to the club tonight to save on gas money, and joined Kim in the living room. She was watching Breaking Bad and keeping me up to date, while I was cutting and glueing house number 3.

House number 3 is a tad larger, partly ground level, partly 1st floor. I've added more windows then I usually do while keeping just one wall bare. The way I designed these, that does not matter as everything just slots together nicely anyway. As you can see in the following pics.

As you can see, they fit nicely together. 3 basic shells now finished, 2 more shells to go before I will start to sand them all, add details and then finally coat them with stucco. I will not be painting them, that will be up to Sander.  Another 1-2 and a single 2 story building to go, I'm hoping to have them done before Crisis (how is that for a deadline, 2 weeks from now, maybe get some work in sunday evening or maybe tomorrow if Kim wants to watch series again (I'm so not into that))

On a slighly sadder note, life has once again thrown a spanner in the works (neverending story it seems); I was heading back from work yesterday when there was a loud thump and I lost all power in the engine of my scooter :( Pick up service was there pretty quick, first evaluation today is "just" a broken bobine (bye 75 euro) which won't be in till tuesday, but he will give her a service as well (it was due in a few hundred kilometers anyway - bit pointless waiting another 3 weeks and paying again for hours when I have so little cash anyway). I will get a cost estimate for everything tomorrow, so I'll know how much of my Crisis cash is lot. Though Kim surprised me yesterday and mentioned we will take some money from our mutual fund as my scooter is a nescessity for me to get to work, using the car on a daily basis is just too expensive. I love my girl.

Also got a reply today from Jon at GZG. Well, 2 actually. If I want them, I can have replacements for the holed space ships cargo containers for free with my next order (thought I'd decline that at first, but going to accept them as I can use them to turn it into a 4 container carrying ship in a cross pattern...well, you'll see). Also, this after a contact slash friend of mine (hello mate!) mentioned he was going to the Reading wargamesshow mid November and if I needed anything, as Liberation Miniatures would be there, and he is one of my means to get figures from Rolf (as I can't direct order them anymore, long story), Jon was kind enough to confirm that he will be there with GZG and he could have my order ready for him if I wanted to. As combining orders saves me postage aka money, that's grand.

Also today, passed by the DIY store to snatch some of their free gravel samples and took a stroll inside if they had anything in the discount bin. Walked out with 2 packs of wallplugs of a type I've never seen before but should make interesting building tops for my sci-fi village. You'll see (well, you might, if they take paint.)

Also based up some more Frostgrave treasure things that you will see later this week.

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  1. Ooooh dude, this will be amongst the nicest scenery I have ever owned, thanks heaps in advance!

    Cheers Sander

    1. No worries Sander. If you need more in the future, all you need to do is ask. Just finished the 4th building, will do the 5th tonight if all goes well.