maandag 12 oktober 2015

Project added: Frostgrave (and a wee bit of sci-fi)

And we're off!

Ever since hearing, and reading about Frostgrave I had high hopes to restart Mordheim at the local GW club (as Frostgrave would obviously not be allowed, being a club inside a GW shop). There were plans to do so, and people started collecting stuff to build buildings with. To keep things simple for me, I made a few posts here and there, asking for ruined LotR scenery, and more recently, Mines of Moria stuff. Sofar, I managed to collect the following bits by trading or even paying a little bit of money from gamers who still had some in their bits boxes.
I just cleaned the paint off most of them down to the basecoat (which refuses to come off but no problem, another coat of black and they are ready to go) and glued the pieces back together. The standing statue needs some work removing mould lines and filling gaps so that has top priority this week.

I've also found 2 sets of Mines of Moria columns, which I still need to pay for later today (not everyone is into trading, still can't complain as it is a tenner for the lot including shipping), and included in that is another standing statue....hurrah!

I've also started work on my own loot...ehm, treasure counters. A quick rummage in the bits box revealed a suitable chest, and I know there are more, I just could not find them (yet), so based it on a 25mm base. Also, I grabbed one of the jewels from the blister I bought yesterday, based it on a 20mm base and added a short bit of thin soldering wire to it so it is now a medallion, a locket or a jewel, not sure yet how I will paint it.
Decided not to go with flagstone bases, I'll stick to good old generic dirt, thank you very much.

I've already prepped some more 20mm bases with a coating of sand, and next up is a collection of coins (yes, copied straight from Northstars release, no need to reinvent the wheel all the time). It means that, after having bought it 2 years ago at Crisis, I can finally get out my punch die and get cracking on a bit of suitable plasticcard. It's not rocket science, so it should be pretty easy to put together.

I watched a bit on Facebook today that showed some of video and pics of the GZG stand at a show this weekend in the UK. In it was a new drone, 1 with wings and 1 with fans, that peaked my interest. After some searching it turned out to be a new(er) release, namely V15-108 and -109, Hornet Drones, 2 per pack for 3 quid. Instantly reminded me of the Al'Yon'Kor'Vesa drone from the Tau which I love.
They look like small Hunter Killer drones and will work perfectly for Fallout, PA, as large fliers in 6mm right up to nuisance raiders in 28mm, and a drone is a robot to me so it can go straight into my robot collection. Somehow the other drones newly released didn't quite tickle my fancy, big circkles with 4 fans surrounding them and heavy guns underneath....I don't quite see it.

While I was at it, I sent Jon a question about the fan units (and the Tri-Tracks) he has released with his Bulldog vehicle. I quite like those and I think they are suitable for converting 20mm tanks and soft skins. To my amazement I had a reply from Jon within 10 minutes!
Hello Johan,

I'm not sure if I will actually be listing them as stock items….. but I can certainly do some for you as a special order, if you let me know how many sets you would be looking for? Each set would consist of 4 fans (or 4 tri-track units) plus a pair of the axles to support them.
Well, that would be awfully nice. I have had visions (have I been drinking again?) of a lowly PDF force in BTR-152's with grav or repulsor units for some time, so these would be perfect. To be 100% sure, I've asked for measurements of the ducted fans so I can be sure that they will fit. After that I'll see if there is any money :) And I'm pretty sure I have some BTR-152's in my stash.

This week will be a bit more busy so I doubt you'll see more of me till friday, but you never know :)

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