woensdag 28 oktober 2015

Waste not....

Never thrown anything (useful) away till you have a box full of it. Then get another box. :)

I've had some GW ruins I picked up in a lot a while back (I believe there should be a identical sprue in the box as well but have not found it yet.) I tried selling it but it seems you can't give that stuff away for free these days. I mean this one:

So round comes Frostgrave :) I just finished shaving off the skulls off it and I've put them in the Frostgrave box. Now to hunt for the other one. I'm sure they will look nicely with some plants on them, just ignore the bullet holes ("scattershot"or "explosive bolt" spells anyone?)

Also, my replacement 3D prints arrived today from the US.

To help him out, and cause I wanted extra bits, I bought some more packs of round windows off him (top right). He put in some neat hexagon mesh for free and my replacements. But my heart sank when I noticed they were the same as last time....they were the wrong bits! <sigh> Perfectly printed and very finely detailed, but the wrong ones.....

Curtis was straight and honest and said he would send the correct ones asap, but if I could send him a pic so he would make sure he sent the right ones this time?

Well, I don't do subtle :P

Hey, we all make mistakes, I'm not going to fret over it. I'm still undecided about the way I'm going to build the towers anyway so this delay means nothing.

Still no Frostgrave book though. Almost 2 weeks from the UK? That's bad form (especially as the Black Ops book was sent the day before and that arrived last thursday. Damaged. <sigh>  The postie actually tried to fold the packaging from The Bookdepository so now it has a big dent in the spine.

Not a lot of luck I'm having lately, am I?

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  1. Wow! I got my copies with in a few days of ordering. Sorry for your lack of luck.