woensdag 4 november 2015


Ever since getting back in the hobby 1 year ago I've been trading bits and expanding my own bits box by buying (or being gifted) other peoples leftovers. I have not been able to find many undead bits, and with the Necromancer coming up I became a bit more active in that area, scouring Marktplaats.

I bid on a low grain picture of a box containing "the remains of a undead chariot and a regiment box of Khemri skeletons" and I could make out incomplete undead sprues. On the hunch that the archer arms (that I'm looking for for a Warhammer Quest set of skeletons) had not been used I made a bid. My 6,05 euro bid got outbid on several occasions but the higher bids kept being withdrawn for some reason, till the seller contacted me. If I realised these were incomplete sprues, and if that would be a problem? Since I had no problem with that, we agreed on a shipping price and the box got deliverd today. Turns out it is a Batallion box full of sprues, most, almost all, half full. So far I counted 4 complete unarmoured skeleton horsemen and their horses, at least 32 sets of undead bow arms, at least 100 skulls and a ton more undead stuff. On top of that half the box is filled with various dwarven and High Elves sprues, almost all the bodies removed but with full complements of weapons, shields and bits. What really made my day was 2 sets of Warhammer spoked wheels, I've been searching for 2 sets to make a merchants carriage for Mordheim :)


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  1. If you are not set on GW Skeletons, The Wargame's Factory skeleton boxed set is a great value, and fit in well with the original GW skeletons. (They have a lighter frame than the most current GW "big boned" models.)

    1. Not set, but I'm picking up a 30 older ones still on sprue on friday, and another 12 or 20 of the newer GW ones at Crisis, and I'm getting another 3 dozen zombies and skeletons based up for free. You'd almost think I'm making an undead army :D