zondag 8 november 2015

Crisis is over....winter is coming!

I survived another Crisis. :)

I look forward to reading everyones reports on Crisis and seeing the tables that I missed. My break lasted an hour and that was barely enough to pick up my pre orders, chat with a few shopkeepers  and look at the bring and buy (bought nothing!), and quickly skim over the stalls contents. I was tempted many, many times but kept my spending in check, making only 2 impulse buys. In the end, thanks to paying in advance and having arranged to sell stuff on the day, I managed to come home with more money then I had started out with.

So, where did the money go to this year? Like I said, mostly pre orders.
For the Graveyard I picked up their entire collection of Crypts from Thomarillion (2 of them in foam from Zitterdes) as well as a well/fountain and a summoning circle and 2 packs of books to base up and use as Grimoires. Nice clean casts, I got a few euros off the order price but I saved on shipping as well, these will serve me well in Frostgrave. And as luck would have it, the fountain fits perfectly on top of the summoning circle for added visual impressiveness.
I made a very small Foundry order, 2 packs of pack horses/donkeys for a Merchants convoy and a big bird for the Wyrm scenario (In my logic bird trumps wyrm....I'll use it with the same stats). Sadly, Foundry got my order wrong, and since I was in a rush to go everywhere, I just noticed this. Cause I also received this:
Lovely looking camel with 2 hunters and a native....but what I orderd was DA028 Pack Donkeys. I've just sent Foundry a email asking how we can solve this. Also, is it me or are Foundry very flashy lately? All of them have extensive bits of metal all along the mouldline. It will clean up, I'm sure of that, but I'm not used to that. EDIT: Quick reply from Foundry, they will send the correct pack on Monday.

A chap on the Lead Adventure forum was looking for Orc skulls, and I noticed I had 2 on my command sprue that I received this week  and I wasn't going to use, so I donated it to him at Crisis. Much to my surprise, he handed me a miniature of a zombie on tattered armour holding a severed head.
He said he wanted to thank me for my skulls and have this miniature that he made/from his company. I kinda forgot which of the 2 it was, I will send him a PM tonight asking about it. It is a really nice model and comes in perfectly for my (undead) plans! EDIT: White Knight!
Friends and readers of the blog were kind enough to donate me various miniatures, in this case some 28mm Germans and bags of bits, as well as trading a few bags of undead that again will come in handy (so no, I did not buy any Forgeworld stuff....).
Another pre order was from Ainsty Castings, more tombs, monuments, a nice big Celtic Cross and a crypt for the graveyard as well as a Calliope halftrack from his 15mm range. I asked to just buy the gun and he tossed in the vehicle for free. He thought it would go with the 20mm frce without much of a problem, something I´m keen to find out myself. Everything well cast, no flash, lovely.

By this time I had managed to leave my boxes of stuff at 2 different stores, with the owners yelling my name to get my attention and me turing around (and a nice tomato colour in shame). I was rushing it way too much. Next year I must get a friend to pick up my pre orders while I'm working, 1 hour to see all of Crisis is not enough.
A teensy order from Magister Militum, 2 packs of Lead Adventure miniatures (Merchants and a thief) as well as some Badua jars and pots for my Middle East stuff. Sadly, the 3mm Panzerhaubitze a mate wanted were not in stock. Maybe next time.
From Brigade Models I picked up a number of Cruiser hulls from various factions for use as Merchants. I had been meaning to ask him about his 15mm Mercenary Missile pack, but when I saw the model in his display I knew I wanted 2 of the Launchers for my 20mm stuff, and he was kind enough to supply me with 2 sets. He even called me back (No, I didn't leave my stuff again!) cause he had forgotten to add the smal radomes to my pack. Excellent service. Again very nice flash free castings. Now if only I had not forgotten to order flight bases....though I will be magetising these anyway.
Ludwig showed up at the stand while I was working and produced a big bag of vents that I had been trying to get from the USA (still waiting for them actually) and this were his (well, hers actually, his wife makes them), which while not 100% the same will work quite nicely. He just wanted a fiver for the plastic used and that was it. Many thx buddy!
My first impulse buy. As I passed by the Forgeworld stand I noticed some mugs, and this one stood out to me. The tenner flew out of my hand and now I have a new mug :)
Planned but not pre ordered, the 4 remaining Vallejo Air metals that I wanted.
I completed my Battlegroup collection courtesy of Will from PSC, picked up a Concord book from Mark over at MBM (another impulse buy for a tenner) and Jasper Oorthuys from the WSS magazine was so kind to drop off a whole folder of Steel Masters magazines he no longer needed. For free!
Will at PSC was again very happy with my services as it gives him time to talk to people while I handle the customers, so as a reward I got a very nice discount on the latest 20mm releases. The 2 Minairons kits I got for free, I was packing up when Chris and I noticed 2 of the boxes had been ripped open, becoming unsellable. I've worked in shop sales for a good 6 years and it still pisses me off when people do that instead of just asking for information. Or just plain Google, pictures of all his items are easy to find on the web. Well, my luck, the truck is nice and generic for Pulp, and the Panzer 1's are too early for my Germans so will end up in VBCW I think or I'll use one to convert to a armoured (hah!) supply vehicle.
Also for free, 3 cans of PSC spraypaint. As you can see on the right, they are leaking so again, he can't sell them.  2 cans of US Drab and 1 can of British green, provided I use them quickly enough, should go a long way for my WW2 armour.
2 of my passengers donated their Warlord sprues to me. I think I can get some use out of those :) They kept their archers though, something about usefull for Frostgrave etc......
Last, I purchased this joblot from Jase, to give me enough miniatures to last me for some time in Frostgrave/Mordheim/Warhammer Quest.

And when we pile it all together it looks like this. Oh dear. Anything from space ships to 28mm....

2 more things.

When the kids took their midday nap I made sure I unboxed the crate in front of Kim and told her exactly what my plans are for each item and what they had cost me (either in money, trade or free). She made some notes and told me she was very happy I was so open about it, but expressed concerns about where I was going to put it. Well, next weekend we have a ....for lack of a better word....intervention (?) by her mother and her best friend in the attic. They will sort out the stuff, I get to tell them if it is for keeping, selling or rubbish. We've got the afternoon set aside for it. I have a lot of black boxes stocked just for this reason, I already sorted all of my 20mm British build stuff in one box, I'm doing the same for Frostgrave/Scenery build. I also collected a fair few smaller cardboard boxes for projects that will be put into use immediately.

Second, with the end of Crisis my hobby's "fiscal year"  ends. The money I had left in my wallet when I left for home (a good 490 euros) is going straight back into my bankaccount. The same goes for what is left in my Paypal. The next 6 months will see little or no spending on the hobby, just saving up as much as possible, with just 1 payment to Old Crow and 2 payments to friends for stuff collected in my name (at British shows and UK only forums sellers) planned. I have every intention of finishing as much as possible or building stuff from scratch.

With Frostgrave picking up locally and my eternal desire to fight with painted stuff (but I'll fight with unpainted stuff just as well) I think I will be properly motivated to get the job done.

Now, if you don't mind, my throat is kaputt from all the talking and my knees are sore from standing all day so I think I've earned some rest :)

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  1. Nice haul! It was a good show this year. Somehow I must have missed you. Perhaps you were talking to other people while I passed by,
    Anyway, happy painting ;-)!

    1. Oh, you were there? Damn, It would have been great to say hi again mate. Next time, ask someone where I am, might have been on my lunch break at the time :)

  2. They got archers in their goodie bag? I just got a single sprue of japanese.... (You want them, by the way?)

    Good luck with the "intervention" next week!

    How about next hobby night, we try to roll some dice? Building stuff is nice, but I've got enough of an backlog of paint-ready figures as it is... No need to have it painted, let's just get back into the habit of rolling dice again.

  3. Ha, you can have my Japanese as well if you want and since I got my brothers goody bag as well I have an Gates of Antares thingy you could have as well, just say the word. It was good to see you and thanks heaps again for the great buildings!

    1. No worries Sander, looking forward to your paint jobs :)