maandag 9 november 2015

Firepower! -scratchbuilding a MLRS system-

As you, the reader of this Blog, might now, is that I'm working on lots off different 20mm sci-fi things. Some things happen through carefull planning, others....not so much.

I was looking at the 2 Jagdpanzer hulls that are ready for the conversion to Assault guns, when I was re checking my order for Brigade Models and was randmly clicking across their 15mm range. I really like their 15mm Merceanry range (If I'd still did 15mm that would have been a must buy for me) but then my eye got stuck on their MLRS. What if that would fit on my hulls? I decided to wait that one out till I saw the model first hand.

Well, Crisis comes, and I'm not let down. It looks perfect. So I bought 2 of the rocket systems and did a quick assembly job to see if it works. And I think it does :)
I still have to write fluff for it, but it has a 18 shot launcher with 122mm rockets with variable munitions. The rest will come later.

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