vrijdag 13 november 2015

First Frostgrave treasures and other things

Well, 2 coats of varnish later and everything looks dandy, no white spots or any other disasters. Jay!

So I present to you:
Base with coins. That's it, just coins.
(20mm round base with "coins" made with punch die and plastic card)

The locket of letxoB. Supposedly grants magical powers. Maybe just looks good. Not made in Taiwan at all. 
(20mm base, Kromlech jewel and piece of solder. Red is just basecoat of red, Tamiya clear red and another coat of gloss. Life is too short to jewel little pieces)

The statue of Gee Dubajoe. Does funky stuff with your money.
(20mm base, building bit from one of GW's building kits for 40K)

Troll feces. Yup, a turd.
"Now listen here youngster, back in our days of raiding dungeons, Troll feces was worth good money. If it was fresh enough, wizards would pay for it. Not quite fresh enough, it could be talen apart for the occasional coin of ring. Trolls ain't picky eaters, you see. And if it was really old, you could use it to mark something. Problem is though, if there is troll poop around, the troll usually isn't far away....."
(20mm base, horn bit from the old skeleton sprue)

I'd like some feedback on the next one, the statues as they are now.
Hmm, the picture ain't helpfull, they are much darker then in reality. Basecoat of black, 1st layer of black armour, 2nd coat drybrush of Brassy Brass. Thinking of doing the verdigris GW wash with the unpronouncable jada jada oxide name straight over this, then maybe a drybrush with Brassy Brass again or maybe even a light drybrush of the lighter Bright Bronze. I dunno yet. I need to buy the oxide first.

Also in the mail today, one of the last few items I picked up before Crisis, an envelope with 3 miniatures from the UK. Deliverd to the nice owner of number 38. I live at 54. Apparently, being literate is optional to deliver the mail these days. Thank god for honesty!
Warhammer Quest Witchhunter (For Mordheim and Warhammer Quest)
Warhammer Quest Imperial Nobleman (For Mordheim and Warhammer Quest)
Empire Witchhunter from the Dogs of War set Johann and Whilhelm (a priest) (For Mordheim and as a alternative Witchunter model for Warhammer Quest)

Thx to Modhails endeavours on making a Warhammer Quest set for his wife, I've been on the hunt for official and suitable models for my own set (if I still have it, I think I do) that I can afford. This was kickstarted by finding a 5 euro official Necromancer model, so these, paid with Crisis funds, I just could not pass up, even more so as they were less costly what you see them usually go for. And off they go now, into the dip. Cya later guys.

Also in the mail, for a price including shipping  that you buy one of these magazines new for, reference material for camouflage suits used by various special ops for Dark Ops.
Lots of pics of our own (Dutch) special forces, so will some in handy.
Finally, I turned off all of the auto searches for Marktplaats and Ebay.co.uk as well as the automatic updates on at least 4 fora for their Bring and Buy sections. The goal here is to buy nothing until March, no ifs, buts and maybe's.  I've got enough stuff as it is.

I'll happily sell stuff though :)

2 opmerkingen:

  1. The treasure markers look good.
    I have a PDF of an article on painting verdigris using Vallejo paints if that's any use to you?
    It is from the old Wargames Painting & Modelling Issue 3. Drop me a line on The Guild if you want me to try & email it to you.

  2. Very nice markers, also saw these on The Lead Adventure Forum. Thanks for sharing!